Sunday, September 27, 2009

POTATO BAKE :) the humble potatoe

Potato is my favorite vegetable! Butternut comes a close second, but potatoe smothered in butter cooked in all sorts of ways there is no beating it! Roast potato, baked potato, mashed potato, potato salad, potato bake, potato chips... potato, potato, potato :)

6 to 8 medium potatoes
half a tub (125ml) cream
half a medium onion (very thinly sliced in half rings)
6 button mushrooms
butter (roughly 5 tablespoons)
garlic & herb spice
half a round of feta
a little bit of cheddar or parmesan


Peel and very thinly slice the potatoes.
Butter the bottom of an oven proof dish and line the dish with some of the potato until you have just covered the base.

Dot the layer of potatoes with small blobs of butter and then add some very thinly sliced onion pieces.
Sprinkle with garlic & herb spice and some sliced mushrooms.
Layer with another layer of potatoes until all is covered over and repeat the butter, onion, spices, mushroom layers.
Keep layering until you finish up with potatoes.
On the top layer add blobs of butter, some garlic & herb spice and then crumble parmesan cheese and grated parmesan or cheddar.
Pour cream over the whole dish and season well with salt and garlic & herb spice.

Place in the oven at 190 degrees celcius and bake until soft in the middle (test with a knife inserted into it) and crispy and golden on the top.

:) enjoy
Goes nicely with a garden salad and meat of your choice.


  1. ooooh, never tried it with feta, will give it ago!

  2. great - plse let me know what you think :) if you don't mind :)

  3. Well alrighty then....I do believe I have everything I need to whip this up!

  4. thanks brazen :)

    mel - happy cooking :) i'm sure it will be good :)


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