Wednesday, November 4, 2009

life at the moment

Things i dream of making and then sitting down with a cup of tea

Life is really busy right now and i haven't had a moment to even think let alone bake or cook much - except for the quick pasta or scrambled egg. So please be understanding of the lack of recipes being posted up right now. Running from rehearsal to rehearsal with my daughter while also working on 2 deadlines also doesn't help the time in the kitchen right now.... alas I dream of the rush being over and sitting down to a good cup of tea and nicely baked new invention [sigh]. Well atleast I have something to look forward to - peace and quiet from mid december :) yay! roll on December 14th.
At the moment i think of concoting things like a wheat-free sticky fruit christmas cake and perhaps a date and chocolate wheat-free brownie. I hope to work on these come December 15th. Also will need to look into coming up with a new kind of trifle for Chritmas with either no cake in it or a wheat free cake version. I'm sure the official sampler (the husband) is going to be happy to try all these out.

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  1. we must aslo hang out soon...I know you want to do that more than bake ;) Things are busy right now though, which bites....After reading your post I feel like some cake...


  2. hey brazen - yes we do need to hang :) and bake - so visiting with tea and cake can accomplish both :) hope to see you before christmas ;)


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