Thursday, November 12, 2009

a personal post

So I am stuck infront if the computer until my eyes turn square. I have a gazillion photos to still edit and my right shoulder is sore from clicking with the mouse plus i have run out of milk so I can't make tea. What is a girl to do? I am not allowed to do anything until all these photos are done besides take my daughter to and from school and ballet rehearsals and go to the loo. I am so craving a creamy grilled chicken of some sort and some nicely cooked home veggies or home made food. But i am not allowed to spent time on such things as i will then miss my 2 deadlines!!!! oh darn ..... i guess it back to the rice cakes for me.

I really should get back to work



  1. shame - hope you finish editing photos soon :)


  2. the worst bit?

    having run out of milk so no tea to keep you company :(

    good luck hope you finish soon.

  3. brazen thanks

    and shayne - I know, No tea is the worst!!!

    thanks both of you - atleast i now have milk :)


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