Thursday, December 31, 2009


Cherry & Apple rooibos Ice Tea

My daughter loves to drink a fruit ice tea made from rooibos (afrikaans for Red Bush) tea and whatever flavour fruit juice we mix with it to make a delicious cool drink/ ice tea. In the hot summer weather we are having this is a great healthy drink for the kids and family :) and for the adults in the party mood for new years eve this can easily made into an "adult" drink for a party.

3 or 4 teabags (rooibos or tea of choice)
1 litre of fruit juice of your choice
some berries or lemon to garnish
alcohol (if making the adult version)

take a 2 litre jug or pot that can handle boiling water. Boil roughly 750ml of water and add to the jug with the tea bags and leave to seep/draw and cool down. When the tea is luke warm add the full litre of fruit juice.
Place in the fridge and once ice cold then add some sliced lemon or berries.
serve in glasses with ice.

if making an alcoholic version add a nice tasting alcohol that blends nicely with fruit juice - southern comfort or peach schnapps, or any fruit flavoured liquer  roughly 100ml or to taste.


  1. I've tried this one and it's oh so good! Thanks betty and have a happy new year!!!

  2. thanks lynette - glad you like the article/recipe :)
    And Andy so glad you tried it and liked it :) Happy New year to you too :)


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