Friday, January 8, 2010

WEEKEND FOOD - Cheese & Fruit

The one thing i love about summer is all the fresh fruit that is available - strawberries, cherries and pineapples or any of your favorite fruit - fresh, juicy,  numminess all sliced up on a plate or in a bowl. Pair it off with a good cheese and some biscuits. My husband recons a good wine - but i'm not a fan of anything that doesn't taste like juice.But i've heard that wine compliments cheese and biscuits really well. so add your favorite and you have a great recipe of relaxing food for a friday evening sunset or saturday afternoon lunch/ supper and you set. Good book in the sun or some good company :) what a blissful Cape Town summer weekend. Cause that is what we capetonians do :) 

wishing you a sunny weekend


  1. I love wine and cheese more than fudge (and thats ALOT)


  2. I love cheese and fruit as well. Figs and camembert is my favorite.

    I think I will follow this here blog...maybe, just maybe you will inspire me to make more of an effort with my meager food offerings:)

  3. oh yay! I love to get new followers :)
    so glad Lynette - i hope you will indeed be inspired


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