Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogger Land

Hi there all you bloggers and readers out there in Blogger Land. Sorry my blog hasn't been itself lately but I have run out of Megs or data for the month and now have to wait 5 days for the new megs etc... to come in for my account to be re-billed. Thankfully there is only 28 days in this month. So today I am at a place were I may use some internet to put this post up but I'll have to come up with more ingenious ideas in the next few days. Or otherwise I'll see you in March. Wow I can't believe I just said that - March 2010. time is flying! For me March is the month of my husband and I anniversary. So I will have to start thinking now of present ideas or special things to do for my special man :)

I will post a blogger interview soon by Lana of lanalou style and hopefully one by Simply Mel B. Also cake recipes to follow -as I don't have my recipes with me to type them out now. Sorry gals (and guys?)

Well happy Tuesday everyone. sorry I missed my weekend post yesterday. The weekend was really busy and to top it all off we were sick and THEN my husband had some nuts hidden in something he ate, so he had a big allergic reaction!!!! So i guess I'm just trying to recooperate.

well yay for tuesday!
hugs and smiles


Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Girls Grand High Tea Party - party photos

So almost a week has past since my daughters 6th birthday party. This time last week I was baking like crazy and assemblying party packs. Backing some more and hanging butterflies and jewels from the roof of my moms outside canopy. I went to bed way after midnight and rose at 6am the next morning (saturday) to bake scones and a second birthday cake (my daughter had 2 parties - 1 in the morning for the kiddies and 1 in the afternoon for the adults/family).
Wow to think of all the craziness we went through for her party ... but it was ALL totally worth it. Take a look at the pics... I hope you agree :)

the craziness started out like this 

  I made these little jars to go in the party packs and filled them with all sorts of pink and white sweets

I am so happy with how they came out - all that was used was some old little bottles, some scrapbooking paper, glue and some plastic flowers...  a little white paint around the edge of the lids.

Inside the party packs were cute cupcake stickers, a small juice, a heart chocolate, a  fake tattoo, the little jar of sweeties, some bubbles with heart shaped lids, and a string of faux pearls.

the bags/packs looked like this 

The party looked like this....

the table set up

fine china tea cups filled patterned with butterflies and flowers

watermelon cut in the shape of hearts

teaspoons and a blue butterfly

elegant scones and cream 

coconut ice and pretty purple butterfly

pink heart jewels in "peace in the home" plant 

Pink bunch of roses 

another view of the table with latte bench at the end with pretty cushions

the crafting table

crafting at the party - ceramic hearts

grouting the hearts

single yellow roses were used randomly down the tables

wheat and wheat-free cupcakes

wheat-free butterfly cake that was used for the morning girls tea party

wheat-free decadent chocolate cake with a whipped ganache icing - was used for the afternoon adult and family party

 Thanks for looking - Have a fab weekend

Hugs Betty

Monday, February 15, 2010


 One of the cakes I baked for my daughters birthday party on saturday

Well to start off I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. I did, I also had my daughters birthday party the day before and all the preparation that lead up to that. So my weekend was pretty hectic. But I was lovingly helped and supported by my husband, my mom and my sister in laws :)

so here is some of the craziness:

Friday - Baked and Baked and baked and baked and then baked some more. then friday night went to start some of the setting up at my moms house (were the party was held) and then came home and iced and iced! went to bed after midnight.

Saturday - Woke up at 6am and you guessed it .... BAKED! then packed more stuff into boxes and headed off to my moms house to finish setting up and do the actual party which consisted of a morning party of 5 little girls from school and then an afternoon party of friends and family.
All this partying ran into the evening when my husband pulled me aside (while I was packing up WAY to slowly) to tell me he had made plans for us to go watch Valentines Day the movie and that we needed to get done or we'll miss the show - It was a surprise. Needless to say I hurried up! He also arranged for our daughter to sleep over at grans house (her bag was packed and already taken there) good man!  :)

Sunday - Breakfast made by the husband followed by a big bunch of Red Roses :) and then a walk on the beach... It was lovely. Then off to fetch our daughter and collect all the decor and things from the party and take them home.
Sunday afternoon consisted of lots and lots of packing things away and a little nap (well deserved I think)

So how was your weekend?

ps I will do a post of the decor and actual party food - just need to get life back in order and photos and recipes sorted out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday - Andy Quirks Blogger Interview

Todays Post is a question and answer interview with Andy Tan from her blog called Andy Quirks. she has such a cute blog that posts the cool things she likes from around the World Wide Web :) and she really does find the cutest things. Hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did.

Andy Tan of Andy Quirks Blog - Isn't she cute :)


The city I live in...is quite crowded

I Love ....ice cream

My favorite food is .....pizza

The Best thing I can cook .....seafood paella

My Staple food is ....oatmeal

My friends think I'm ....nuts

I totally Rock at ....thrifting

My style is....relaxed

My blog is about ....random stuff

If  I was a food I'd be a .....cheeseburger maybe

The healthiest thing I eat is ....yogurt

I am 1 of 6 children

My obsessions are...books and maps

My parents discovered I was crazy when ....i started talking

I knew I was different since....i started seeing ghosts (ha!)

If i could take 3 things with me to a desert island ....i'd give up the allowable three things for one person--my boyfriend

my favourite read is....my lovely readers' blogs

My mood is best ....right after breakfast

My blog address is.....andyquirks.blogspot.com

My readers are....the sweetest!

My wish for 2010 .....to be happy every single day and to have whatever is in my wish list! Oh, and world peace! :)


See that was cute and interesting to read :)

Have a Super Wednesday

Betty Bake

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Heart shaped Chocolate Brownies

Valentines Day is a day of many beautiful opportunities to make something so delicious and thoughtful for the one you love :)
Just think luxurious and delicious - and my brain conjures up thoughts of  things made of chocolate :)

We all know most women love chocolate  - ALOT and so, that is why valentines day is the day of

Monday, February 8, 2010


love is in the air - I can't wait for valentines day on sunday 14th Feb :)

It's February 8th - One week down on Feb and time is whizzing by! today I'm off to go sort out the craft/ activities section of my daughters party which is this saturday. So I need to be creative today and think of something pretty and fun for them to do for the party. I thinking hearts of some kind.

Anyway my weekend was filled with....

Friday - seems like forever ago... now what did i eat?  ahhh yes Pizza toasts yum yum  - we used wheat free bread and made an onion and tomatoe sauce. then grated cheese on top and added things like mushrooms and avo etc... for toppings. It was delicious

Saturday  - was very busy so for lunch with my mom in law and sister in law I sliced some very fresh corn bread straight from the baker and put it on a board with some cheeses and honey and small bunches of grapes :) that to was delicious too

Sunday after watching the cooking channel at my moms house in the afternoon i was inspired to make a stirfry after watching the oriental chefs cooking away on one of the programs. So I tried to make up a chicken and veg stirfry with a soya sauce base. It came out ok.We ate it while watching an old season of So you think you can dance :)

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday
Betty Bake

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend YAY Finally!!!!

fields of yellow and green

Well Happy weekend everyone :) Hope you have a fabulous, great, fun and relaxing weekend filled with all the things you LOVE to do and Non of the things you don't.

Im going to be working on my daughters party for next weekend - Buying, sorting, planning and putting stuff together. And then hopefully some relaxing :) aaah I'm sooo looking forward to the realxing

here's to a blissfull friday night and saturday afternoon chill out session

Betty Bake

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Invites

Fancy Tea Party Invitations

So I got the Invitations done yesterday for my daughters 6th Birthday Party - the theme is A Fancy Tea Party - emphasis on Fancy. I got tagged teabags from my local grocery store and just used cute flower decals and sticker hearts. Printed the info on the computer and mounted on board then pasted onto pretty scrapbook paper :) and TA DA ..... cute tea themed invites :)

now for planning of things to bake next week.

Enjoy your tuesday

Betty Bake

Monday, February 1, 2010


I've eaten so much salad recently
- that I'm turning into a bunny rabbit

Monday is back AGAIN!!! and i haven't caught up with myself yet. So just a quick caught up and a HI ALL :) and then I'm off to make birthday party invites for my daughter's 6th birthday party happening next weekend - the day before valentines day. So I really need to get my butt into gear. Buying stuff for the theme and organising the decor and deciding what to bake etc... I love it and I hate it all at the same time. I love doing it but I hate that I need to get so organised so soon or I will be in a flat frenzy by the time her party comes. Ok so th planning begins. Invites are number one on my list!

But back to what i ate and did this weekend:

Friday was nice with a rented DVD and a delicious chicken salad with pineapple and avocado and feta and delicious chicken and all the salad green goodies that go into a salad

Saturday had a lovely steak and salad supper with Being Brazen and her boyfriend and some of his family for Brazen's boyfriends birthday - It was delicious... Thanks Brazen and  Brazen's Boyfriend

Sunday was a lovely veg and salad and chicken lunch at my mom and dads house - thanks to woolworths and mom :) and sunday night I made more chicken salad - so I'm turning into a rabbit definately :)

Hope you are well and have had a good weekend. Did you do or make anything good? :) Let me know.

Happy Monday :)
Betty Bake