Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Girls Grand High Tea Party - party photos

So almost a week has past since my daughters 6th birthday party. This time last week I was baking like crazy and assemblying party packs. Backing some more and hanging butterflies and jewels from the roof of my moms outside canopy. I went to bed way after midnight and rose at 6am the next morning (saturday) to bake scones and a second birthday cake (my daughter had 2 parties - 1 in the morning for the kiddies and 1 in the afternoon for the adults/family).
Wow to think of all the craziness we went through for her party ... but it was ALL totally worth it. Take a look at the pics... I hope you agree :)

the craziness started out like this 

  I made these little jars to go in the party packs and filled them with all sorts of pink and white sweets

I am so happy with how they came out - all that was used was some old little bottles, some scrapbooking paper, glue and some plastic flowers...  a little white paint around the edge of the lids.

Inside the party packs were cute cupcake stickers, a small juice, a heart chocolate, a  fake tattoo, the little jar of sweeties, some bubbles with heart shaped lids, and a string of faux pearls.

the bags/packs looked like this 

The party looked like this....

the table set up

fine china tea cups filled patterned with butterflies and flowers

watermelon cut in the shape of hearts

teaspoons and a blue butterfly

elegant scones and cream 

coconut ice and pretty purple butterfly

pink heart jewels in "peace in the home" plant 

Pink bunch of roses 

another view of the table with latte bench at the end with pretty cushions

the crafting table

crafting at the party - ceramic hearts

grouting the hearts

single yellow roses were used randomly down the tables

wheat and wheat-free cupcakes

wheat-free butterfly cake that was used for the morning girls tea party

wheat-free decadent chocolate cake with a whipped ganache icing - was used for the afternoon adult and family party

 Thanks for looking - Have a fab weekend

Hugs Betty


  1. That is the prettiest table setting I have seen in a long while.

  2. thank you :) that is so kind of you to say :)

  3. Hi,
    What a fun and beautiful party!
    The chocolate cake looks amazing.
    Thanks so much for following my blog.

  4. Looks so lovely and ladylike.

    The watermelon hearts are such a good idea.

    Glad to hear it was such a success and that she obviously had a ball.

    Isn't woolies a wonderful source of goodies for cake decor?

  5. Thank you :) and thank you :)

    Shayne woolies does have cool tings but didn't get anything from there this time. Did you think that I had?

  6. I did. The pink hearts on her butterfly cake - not woolies? where from then? i bought some for my valentines cupcakes but then never used them - my girls were most excited that they got to eat them!

  7. oh shayne you are sooo right - those hearts in the centre of the butterfly cake are from woolies :) My daughter also loved them. so sorry - totally forgot about them :)


  8. I never had such a beautiful party. you are an awesome mom! and for now on, i would so not throw used jars anymore! thanks for all the inspiration!


  9. aaah thank you Andy - you are so kind :) i find the inspiration on other people's blogs too :)
    have a super day

    Betty Bake

  10. Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! This is such a beautiful party. I love the table setting and the heart watermelon is just too cute! Thanks for sharing - You did a fabulous job on this pretty party!

  11. STUNNING party!!!!

    Thank you for linking up! :)

    I love the butterflies and those jars and favors are inspiring (in fact I may steal your ideas for my daughter's garden party hehehe)

    Thank you! Even the craft table looked divine!


  12. LOVED looking at your party. I must know what coconut ice is. It looks delicious!! Please share. Visiting from Bird's link Party!

  13. Hey Carissa - i have now linked the coconut ice recipe in my party post :) it is a sweet you make like fudge or something like that. it is made out of condensed milk and coconut and icing sugar - hence the name coconut ice. They are delicious and are traditionally coloured pink and white and cut in squares.

    have a great week

  14. thank you Bird
    I'm so glad you like my party :)

    I'm glad you are inspired - i would love to see how your party turns out. plse do show me when you do it. those jars are so easy to do and look so pretty :)


  15. Betty, I've featured this awesome party today!! :)

    Thanks again for linking up!


  16. Beautiful party~ stoppin by from Bird Crafts;o)


  17. I have come across your blog from one of my special baking friends, Shayne..... I have thoroughly enjoyed losing an hour with my cuppa tea reading your lovely blog.
    Such a beautiful birthday party for a little girl with such attention to detail.
    I would love to visit your blog more often, as the others have said, you are full of inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing xx

  18. @Darcys thank you :) so glad you enjoy my blog - it means so much to me when people visit and leave comments. thank you for your kind words - it made my day :)



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