Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday - Andy Quirks Blogger Interview

Todays Post is a question and answer interview with Andy Tan from her blog called Andy Quirks. she has such a cute blog that posts the cool things she likes from around the World Wide Web :) and she really does find the cutest things. Hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did.

Andy Tan of Andy Quirks Blog - Isn't she cute :)


The city I live quite crowded

I Love cream

My favorite food is

The Best thing I can cook .....seafood paella

My Staple food is ....oatmeal

My friends think I'm ....nuts

I totally Rock at ....thrifting

My style is....relaxed

My blog is about ....random stuff

If  I was a food I'd be a .....cheeseburger maybe

The healthiest thing I eat is ....yogurt

I am 1 of 6 children

My obsessions are...books and maps

My parents discovered I was crazy when ....i started talking

I knew I was different since....i started seeing ghosts (ha!)

If i could take 3 things with me to a desert island ....i'd give up the allowable three things for one person--my boyfriend

my favourite read lovely readers' blogs

My mood is best ....right after breakfast

My blog address

My readers are....the sweetest!

My wish for 2010 be happy every single day and to have whatever is in my wish list! Oh, and world peace! :)


See that was cute and interesting to read :)

Have a Super Wednesday

Betty Bake


  1. Luved the interview, thanks so much for sharing : ) xxx

  2. Thanks Betty! It was indeed a fun interview!

    @ SogniSorrisi- thanks for the love dear. i feel the same! haha.



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