Monday, March 29, 2010


this is my dog grace - who has nothing to do with this post
but she does look kind of sad for me and my sillyness

So this post isn't as much about the food I ate but more about the stupid thing i did this weekend.
You see it all started out with a simple impromptu dinner invite by my mom to go somewhere for dinner as a family. We all said sure lets go and went off to Imhoff farm for pizzas at the Blue Water Cafe. Lovely restaurant and it serves wheat-free pizza too :) Now this restaurant has a great outdoor play area for kids with a large jungle gym built connecting onto a big tree and a slide coming down out of the tree to the ground. Kids love it and my daughter loves to go there and play while we sit at the outside tables and drink tea. Well anyway this was night time and we had all eaten our pizza inside and were getting ready to go when my sister in laws and my brothers had been walking around outside on the lawn and goofing about on the jungle gym (my husband included) So i come outside to see what they are doing and my one sister in law says - you so have to go down the slide it is so cool, and my brothers both agree, my husband too :) they are all telling me i need to go down as it so cool. Now I'm not great with heights and this is not your average length slide. Anyway I think what the heck if they can all do it so can I. So I proceed to climb the tree.....which I almost got stuck in with my very short legs (i'm 1.5 meters in height/ 4 foot 11 inches). I eventually get to the slide section of the tree and decide it's now or never so I just let go and think the quicker i do this the better - then I can say I've done it and I won't have to do it again cause the height I'm looking down from the slide is a bit daunting (i really don't like heights). So I let go and slide very fast in my woolen jacket till i thud to the bottom and twist my ankle as I land!!! OUCH!!!!
Now this is 10.15 at night - the staff of the restaurant are all packing up getting ready to go and I can't walk at all - I'm crying in pain and my husband and brother have to carry me to the car. The night then proceeded in paramedics seeing to me then driving to a couple of hospitals then x-rays and getting home after 1am.
I am now laughed at as Betty queen of the kiddie slide and I'm now stuck at home with a rather large tennis ball for a foot/ankle. It is rather painful - the upside is I don't have to do the dishes or the cooking :) no standing allow.

have a great week


  1. shame man, that sucks. Hope you all better soon x

  2. SHame, how horrid.

    YOu see - slides are for kids only (even tho we believe ourselves to still be kids at heart!).

    hope you aren't too sore.

  3. So sorry about your ankle! I know when I couldn't stand and I had to make dozens of cookies my husband filled in, with me telling him what to do from a chair. It was painful but also very endearing.

  4. thanks girls :) it is healing slowly - but it is healing :) YAY!

  5. omg thanks so much for the photography web link !
    it was really useful !!

    hugs and kisses ..
    glisters and blisters

  6. So sorry to hear about what happened! Hope ur ok! Luv this pic though and I hope u have a Happy Easter! xxx


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