Monday, March 1, 2010


 Seeing as though my brownies flopped this weekend
 I though I would put up a pic of this cake i made last weekend for a ladies tea party :)

This weekend was...... WINDY!!! staying in a little town next to the sea has it's advantages and disadvantages. One of them being - when the sea is rough the wind blows ALOT! While the rest of Cape Town was having glorious weather - we were having sand blasting, hair knotting wind!!!
But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my weekend - just thought you would like to know :) so you can relate. So everything you read below imagine it with WIND!!!

Friday evening - I had lovely wheat-free pizza from Primi Piatti with Being brazen while watching a DVD (and yes the guys were there to - so no girly movies) I tried to make brownies to take with - they flopped *?!!?!* but took them with anyway.

Saturday - I went to the market again! (thats because i go every saturday to do my grocery shopping) pest aside free veggies etc... then had coffee with my husband and daughter in noordhoek (a little village 7 minutes drive away) and then relaxed at home, in the evening we went for a drive and ended up at a local pizza place and had some more wheat-free pizza! Wind blew the whole time......remember!!!

Sunday - relaxed outside in a sort of sheltered spot from the wind, walked to out local store to buy milk etc.... then slept abit at home and picked on various things the whole day - eventually musted up the will power to make some hot chips and salad for us adults and some spaghetti and cheese sauce for my daughter (her favorite at the moment!) Watched a DVD with the husband.

so quite a relaxing (even if it was windy) weekend.

Hope you had a good one, did you do anything fun or eat anything good? :)


  1. I liked the brownies, but they needed ice-cream :)

    That cake looks awesome


  2. You flopped your brownies....never:)

  3. Yummmmy cake.

    How on earth did your brownies flop - i like to think my recipe is unfloppable! I don't think they would ever be considered a flop in my home, my hubbie and girls would eat them regardless!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - not so much about the comments, more about trying to suss out exactly who my readership is!

  4. I also thought my brownie recipe was un-floppable but i guess I was wrong!!! but then again I did change the wheat-free flour to another brand i don't usually use and i substituted half the sugar for Agave so this time all the gooey chewyness went away and it just turned into very fine crumbs chocolate cake ..... not what i was going for. Thank you for the comments :)

  5. it was probably the substitution of the Agave - the sugar is what makes them gooey.

    oh well, you know for next time!


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