Thursday, April 8, 2010

I feel the need to bake something

You would think after the Easter weekend and all that chocolate that I would be sworn off sweet food but today I feel the need to cook/ be creative so I think maybe I'll bake with my daughter. With all the cooking blogs I read there is no wonder I feel like cooking all the time - they have me drooling in front of my computer screen daily. I think we'll go whip something up right now.

how is your thursday going?

P.S. Feel free to send me pics of your creations and prehaps I can put some of your delicious goodies you made up on my blog (don't forget to send the recipe).


  1. So ..... what did you bake?

    Please do tell.

  2. We made chocolate chip cookies :) and they are delicious!!! even if i do say so myself :)

  3. can you believe i have never made choc chip cookies.

    something i need to try.

  4. shayne - wow ! you so need to try them - they totally rock - especially if you like biscuits :)

    Brazen - you need to come to tea then :) they are worth the drive sweetie :)

  5. Now you've got me wanting something chocolate and sweet! Have a great week!:)

  6. Aaah I so feel like chocolate again : ) xx

  7. Yummy, that photo makes me want to rush out and get me some chocolate to bake it! Are you in Cape Town BB?? Thanx Colleen xx


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