Monday, July 19, 2010

30 new followers for my 30th

so it is 20 sleeps till my 30th Birthday!!! woooo dude. So I am busy making my house pretty for my party that will be happening here on my birthday weekend. My hands are full of paint half the time or a rag making things clean. stuff is being packed away and things straightened. It is choas yet all part of the planning right now. I really hope it comes together in the next 19 days.

anyone want to get me 30 new followers for my 30th birthday present :)  cheeky hey :)

have a super monday


  1. I am sure that you could get that for your 30th....what are you planning food wise?

  2. i'm having a french party Lynette - so french kind of food. :) busy working on the details :) i saw your comment from the other day - well done on the creme brulee - so glad you tried it!

  3. How exciting! Am sure your home will be all ready - its sure to be a memorable event as I know what an ace party-planner you are!

    30 new followers hey? I think you should ask all your current followers to do a wee punt on their blogs for you and see if we can make it happen! I am in!


  4. Im sure everything will be perfect for your party :)and I'll be there ...thats gotta count for something...HAHAHAHA!!! ;)

  5. What a gorgeous picture : ) I am sure your party is going to be amazing! xxx

  6. aaah thanks ladies :) I will be sure to post pics of the party so you can see what i did :)

    simply mel: thanks for being so supportive about new followers - you are so kind to help out :) and thanks for the compliments on the party planning :) hoping this time it works out really well!

    Brazen: we are on like a scone

    Fashion Jazz: thanks for compliment of pic- it is mine of kalk bay harbour taken from the train.

    luv you all xxx


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