Thursday, July 1, 2010


You know when you are chatting with someone about what you are going to eat for dinner and they tell you they are going to have something really nice like pizza and then you realise you feel like pizza too - but you don't feel like making it from scratch cause you've had a long day or just feel like minimal effort. Well i decided that when i'm feeling lazy i'm allow to do the next best thing and make lazy man's pizza or pizza toasts as it's called in my house. So here is some early easy weekend food for you :)

2 - 4 slices of bread of choice per person (we use gluten free)
*homemade tomato relish (recipe below) or tinned tomatoe and onion mix -but not as good!
a nice big block of cheese grated - cheddar or mozzarella or a mix of what you have in the fridge
Pizza toppings: - eg. mushrooms, avocado, banana, pineapple, bacon, chicken, salami, etc.. (whatever you like and have in the fridge).
some garlic finely chopped
oregano and basil

Put your bread in the oven and grill till crispy on both sides but not to brown or the edges will burn later when you melt the cheese. Then layer with tomato relish  (recipe below), then cheese then toppings of your choice and then a little more cheese and a sprinkle of garlic, oregano, basil and salt and pepper.
Put under the grill and leave till bubbling and golden - eat hot straight away
- preferably eaten with a good movie :)

4/5 tomatoes peeled (place in boiling water then peel). Finely chop 1 to 2 onions then fry in some sunflower oil until lightly golden and add the peeled and chopped tomatoes. Add salt, pepper, basil and oregano and some sugar. Keep adding sugar until the sourness of the tomatoes has been balanced out. lightly simmer for roughly 20 min. And serve on your toasts - goes well on burgers or hot dogs or boerewor rolls.

Have a lovely weekend everyone - so excited that it is friday tomorrow :)

Betty Bake


  1. Those are cute AND yum!

  2. I love these - I sometimes make tuna ones...yum yum yum

    Ps - lets do coffee again soon


  3. Ooooh u just gave me a idea of what to make for supper! yummy! xxx

  4. thanks you 3 girls.
    brazen yes lets do coffee - it was nice seeing you the other day :)
    fashion jazz - glad to know i gave you an idea for supper :) yay



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