Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sunset on the beach and still painting

Just thought i would share with you another one of my photos i took from the train the other day on the way to the fan walk in Cape Town (for the FIFA world cup soccer/football). I really like this pic of the river running into the sea at sunset.
Anyways i'm still paining stuff in my house for the P A R T Y  - so not much cooking is getting done.

So 17 more sleeps and counting .... to the big 3 0

A.K.A Bernice Griffiths


  1. Heidi aka FarmGirl21 July, 2010 14:44

    Stunning photograph! Good luck with all the preparations.
    Heidi aka FarmGirl

  2. breathtaking - what a beautiful photo

  3. really great by taking this kind of pic..

  4. Such a perfect scene, beautiful! Nice to finally meet you yesterday!x

  5. Be sure to take pics around your house of all this painting and *fixing up* going on. So exciting all this prep for the partay - we may need to rain check this week cos I think you are going to be a bussssssy bee (b)!



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