Monday, July 5, 2010


Well i decided i should try make more effort to do my monday morning (used to be regular) post of things i made or ate this weekend.

  •  I had a great time eating cheese and biscuits - which are always easy to prepare and delicious to eat
  •  Enjoyed a great dinner with fellow blogger and friend Being Brazen and our other halves - Brazen made roast lamb and veggies, while i made creme brulee - it was delicious!
  • Braaied (BBQ for non South Africans) with my family - delicious sausage and salad
  • My husband and i did the Fan walk for the world cup in cape town - we ate nothing but just thought i would share this random news cause it rocked!
  • Ate chocolate mousse while the hubby and I watched movies - it was good too, recipe to follow :)
  • All is well in my world! :) How was your weekend?
If you like cheese and biscuits remember to add some dried fruit or fresh fruit and a nice jam or fruit sauce for a delicious dimension to your cheese board.A good salami or parma ham adds a nice savoury dimention. Red or white wine for wine drinkers is always a nice touch too!
If you follow these ideas and place on a nice wooden board you are bound for some very classy looking entertaining that is easy and tasty with minimum effort



  1. Cheese and biscuits is a staple in our house - it's the equivalent of 'take out' as we don't hvae the luxury being on a farm in the boonies.

    Nothing better than fig, blue cheese and a wheatsworth biscuit - heaven in a mouthful!

  2. You had my attention as soon as you mentioned the creme brulee on Twitter! Love the posts and recipes as I am not a "chef" at all. Going to try the creme brulee recipe for sure.

  3. loved the creme brulee. My lamb rocked, obviously..

    nice seeing you guys twice this weekend :)


  4. i can totally understand shayne - take out isn't really an option for you :) wheatsworth and brie are my favs with fig or dates :)

    Farm girl - i would love to know how your creme brulee comes out :) thanks for reading the posts :)

  5. I also had a cheese platter this wknd @ Fair View wine farm, its the best esp with fresh fruit and jam. Have a good Monday xx

  6. Dried figs - oh my word. The best with cheese.

  7. There's nothing like cheese and biscuits! And chocolate mousse sounds pretty great also!

  8. Sounds like your place is the place to be;-D

    I have made your creme brulee and it is very good.


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