Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On Saturday I had the pleasure of decorating for my sister in laws baby shower. It didn't take much brain storming to come up with a theme for her baby shower as she knows she is having a girl and her nursery is going to have accents of little birds - so we went with pink and white with little birds :) taaa daaaa





Working along the theme of little birds we added bird related things like feathers and eggs- All in pink of course :) I added wording "baby bird" and "baby girl" to a few special cupcakes and the top of the cupcake display had two little birds facing each other.

 My sister in laws mom arranged all the eats to be brought and so to try and keep things as coordinated as possible i brought extra little fondant birds and a butterfly or two to be added to various plates and platters to tie them all together with the theme.  
I also printed a picture of little birds and their babies put it in a frame and used pink ribbon and tuile on the table and scattered little pink flowers. Of course it helps that I have a little girl so pink fabric etc is easy to come by in my house :)  

Some of the Pink and white eats included were: turkish delight, scones with strawberry jam and cream, strawberries dipped in chocolate (red but also ties in with the pink nicely), Cream cheese with sweet chilli sauce and crackers, speckled eggs (all the pink and purple ones), pink decorated cupcakes (which i made and decorated).



  1. Gorgeous. So well co-ordinated and put together. Love the 2 Baby Bird cupcakes ontop of the tower. So special.

  2. How cute! I love the little birds, so adorable. This is getting me really excited to put together my own sister's babyshower. Can't wait now!!

  3. GORGEOUS cupcakes. Love the bird theme

  4. Beautifully executed. Everything is just perfect...love it.

  5. OMW so much for the diet:( love looking at your pics and recipes:) Your cupcakes look delicious!



  6. All of those cupcakes look divine! Thanks for the blog support B!

  7. these look gorgeous! now if only i didnt blow up everything in my kitchen! :(

  8. That is soooo amazing !
    Looks beautiful.

    If I ever have a baby shower I want it like this :)

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  9. thank you :) everyone :) your comments have all been so nice :)
    thanks for reading my blog. i will post the cupcake recipe i use soon


  10. Do you do this for a living? Seriously. This is awesome. I'm thinking of having a baby just so that you can cater for the shower.

  11. Wonderful pictures. The table decoration is so beautiful.

  12. I love love love love the two cupcakes with the little bird perched on top. Simply fantastic.


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