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So I was thinking about all you lovely bloggers out there who maybe looking for more traffic - i mean who wouldn't? I certainly do and I know there must be others out there who would like to be seen and heard. So I've been thinking - how do you get more traffic to your site without forking out money? There is google ad words or advertising but they cost money and until my blog makes money I'm not sure sure if I want to pay up yet - there has to be another way.
So this is what I've come up with so far - if you have a blog like me who would like to see if other people may find you and like you and possibly want to read you daily or weekly then I am proposing lets do some sort of link up or refering to each others blogs :) I would really like to show off South African bloggers but everyone is welcome. 
So 1 in the comment section below give me : 
  • the name of your blog  
  • address of the blog
  • catergory of your blog - eg fashion, food, family etc...
  • country your blog is from
  • your email address (so I can email you about who you reccomending and who is recommending you)

then the 2nd thing I thought  I would do is take all the blogs I got - (even if there is just a few of us it doesn't matter) I would compile a list and give each person 2 or 3 blogs that they need to highlight on their blog to their readers (wether it be a post or a button link) and inturn some one will highlight your blog and hopefully it will spread around the internet. Even if we gain a few more followers or readers it would have been worth the post/link of reccomending someone else.
It is like that movie Pay It Forward - do to others what you would like to happen to you :)
so if you are interested leave the info in the comment section below.

Happy Blogging

ps maybe you'll find a blog below you like and want to read - that would be cool to :)

pps would you like me to group related or non re-lated blogs together? eg: if you have a fashion blog would you like to recommend on your blog another fashion blog or something different like a food or family blog? - thoughts?


  1. Interesting idea, Beanie.

    South Africa

  2. Sounds great! I recently started following your blog.
    Sylvia-Louise Handbags
    Handcraftedness, randomness
    United States

  3. Cool idea! Woukld love to participate.

    Just ramblings
    South Africa

  4. Hi! Just found your blog today!! I am an S A Blogger. My blog address is and it is mainly a scrapbooking {crafting/hobby} blog but also features photography & some everyday posts depicting life in Durbs, South Africa. Of course I would love more blog traffic like the next gal LOL...Definitely think you should link up similar blogs though as most of my readers are crafters too...

  5. This is a brilliant idea and I'm glad more bloggers are doing it. I've also just started with the 'link exchanges' and it definitely sourced traffic to my blog!

    My blog is about fashion, lingerie, celebrities, parties and a bit of personal stuff - so I guess a 'Lifestyle' category?

    Jemma's Juicy Jumble
    South African blog, blogging from the heart of SA, Cape Town

    Good luck and may all of us make some moolah off our bloggies!

  6. This is such a great idea! Would love to be a part of it.

    Love And Stuff
    Personal Blog
    South Africa - Stellenbosch

    Need to set up a blog email account. Will let you know email by tomorrow.

    This is so awesome, very exciting!

  7. thanks ladies - i will be waiting a week longer and then putting the link/blog exchange together:)

    so so glad you decided to all join up - YAY!!!

    Betty Bake Blog

  8. cool idea - rushing like a maniac - will be back with details soon!

  9. Great idea BB!

    Lipgloss Ninja
    fashion/decor/pop culture/personal
    Cape Town blogger

  10. This is a fantastic idea! I'm in :)


    Personal Blog

    South Africa - Cape Town

  11. i have put a link on fb and my other 2 blogs to hopefully get the word out far and wide. Maybe your other commenters could do the same?

  12. Brilliant Idea!

    An SA-based magazine style blog, covering a lot of topics for WAHMs (work at home moms) but also a lot of book/movie reviews etc.

  13. This is a great idea and I would love to participate.

    Juggling act of life

    Parenting/family/personal and a bit of photography.

    South Africa - Pretoria

  14. Love this!!!

    Life With Luca
    Pregnancy to motherhood to being a working-mom and just life in general!
    South Africa

  15. Awesome idea, would love to be included...

    Everything Inbetween
    Personal and stuff
    Jozi, South Africa

  16. Sounds very good.
    Journaling Junkie
    Scrapbooking:Trying to inspire scrapbookers to improve their journaling with prompt ideas and design team examples.
    South Africa: Cape Town

  17. Hi great idea on helping each other, I'm in.
    Afriquanwoman's Space
    afriquanwoman at gmail dot com
    Dedicated to Promote, support and inspire women of African descent in engineering, science, technology and business. A woman is an important part of any development effort.
    Currently in UK, but who cares, the internet is international

  18. Cool Idea
    Pls include me x
    The Weavers Nest
    Family/slummy mummy/ comedy blog
    Kirsty Weaver

  19. cool idea!
    Pls add me x
    The Weavers Nest
    Family/slummy mummy/ blog
    Kirsty Weaver
    Jozi, SA

  20. What a lovely idea! Recently started blogging (seriously) and would love a few new readers. Pretty please add me!!!

    Jasmin on Jupiter

    my blog is a bit of a mixed bunch - art, travel, family, fashion, decor, life, loving...

    Im South-African but currenly teaching in Korea

  21. Finally got the blog email address set up.
    Love and Stuff email:

  22. I love your idea! And I also wanted to say thank you for visitng my blog and leaving such a kind comment!

    I am soaking up your's simply delish. I'm going to leave my blog address because I want to be apart of your fabulous idea and then I'm going to get back to surfing your blog.

    here it is:
    My email is
    I'm from the U.S. (Texas to be specific)
    BLog category: food and motherhood

    thank you for doing this! Cheers!

  23. Cool beans! Over from Mel's!
    family and social commentary (?!)
    South Africa

    Thanks - great idea!

  24. Completely forgot to add my e-mail!
    Silly me!!!

  25. Wondering if your list is still open?
    life as a home schooling family in South Africa

    Thanks, I am now following your blog too-I've been looking for a South African blog which shares recipes! So glad I found you!

  26. Super idea! Count me in :)

    One blog, two South African brides with an obsession for weddings and all things pretty!


  27. great idea there! came across your blog while blog hopping & love your posts!

    i'm on the other side of the globe... do hope it's ok..

    working mommy who take time to dream & get all excited about the wonderful possibilities of what life has to offer ;)


  28. I might be a bit late - but I love the idea.

    If not too late - my details are:

    Blog Name: Cocktails and Orgies

    South African girl living in Jhb

    Random things about me and my life


  29. Am I too late?
    Verbal Diarrhoea
    category - art, travel, politics and some embarassing moments
    South Africa

  30. Im a bit late, but would love to be part of this.

    The Delicious Kitchen
    Cape Town
    South Africa
    purplerob2 at gmail dot com

  31. Love this idea!

    I blog about life with ( controlled ) depression and my beautiful, gorgeous, amazing 3 yr old son!

    Oh, yes, and life on a sheepfarm in the Eastern Cape.Without shops . And malls. Did I mention I'm a frustrated SHOPAHOLIC???


  32. I know that this seriously late and probably TOO late, ut if you're still doing it, count me in.
    Mainly a medical blog and stories


  33. I just found you :( is this still available?

  34. Hi B - I'm a bit late to this but thought I would add my details...

    Becoming you
    Personal/ Inspirational/ Moms
    South Africa
    kathryn at

  35. Abundance Farm
    A taste of country life in the Garden Route
    South Africa

    I am really impressed with your wheat free recipes - I so prefer not eating wheat, but after a really gross experiment with buckwheat pancakes...well enough said! So nice to see delicious, sexy food that's wheat free.
    My blog is pretty new - I'm learning a lot though.
    Good luck with the Eat In Awards :)


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