Thursday, September 16, 2010

The French Party

So a little over a month or so ago... I had my 30th Birthday. Which of course was a good reason to plan a party :) YAY!!!

As you can tell  I love planning parties and especially ones that I can do whatever I want. So being my own party I could decide exactly what i wanted to do :) which was double YAY!
Then there was the moola (money) I needed to pull off my awesome killer party - life size props and dancing waiters and giant birds :) just jokes but my brain was filling to the brim with ideas if money were no issue but I don't have a limitless gold card so I needed to consult my other half (the husband). After chatting to him we came to an agreement of a budget (which is good or i would've gone over the top and spent way to much money). He was great (he was also realistic) and then I was let loose to make it happen. Of course being the woman that I am I wanted everything (dancing birds, oops i mean dancing waiters - OK just kidding) as much as i could get for my money so:
I bought quality food and set pieces of decor.
But the other little pieces of decor that i wouldn't be keeping after my party I searched second hand charity shops for - and boy did i get some bargains :) what woman doesn't like a great bargain?
And so My PARIS PARTY came to life :) this is what i did:

the bar counter that we redid and bar chairs that we painted / my husbands old record player he's had since a child

an old pine desk that we restored and painted white (chocolate mousses and creme brulees are in the open desk drawers for guests to take) An old lamp and lamp stand that we painted and recovered. / old type writer that i picked up at a charity shop

cheese board with old silver butter dish / screen we got made and then hung black and white printed french pictures on (frames i bought from charity shops and then spray painted black)

Creme brulees housed in the white painted desk drawer / the corner seating with white painted box for a "coffee" table - black and white painting done by Lorraine Burt

our bar counter we made-over and then added a nice vase of white flowers and ofcourse champagne which is very french  / chocolate and turquoise macarons

chocolate mousses nestled in the desk drawer /  eiffel tower vinyl

Hoped you enjoyed looking at my french party. I enjoyed every minute of planning it :)
oh i didn't take any pics of my chandelier that the husband bought for my party - oh well, next time.


  1. Wow, I love the macaroons and the choc mousse in the desk drawer! Congrats on a great looking party!

  2. Wow. All looks stunning. Love the turquoise & Choc macaroons and the creme brulees stuck in the drawer. Hope you had a divine evening.

  3. So many lovely details! It looks great.

  4. Stunning...want to come and plan my 50th?

  5. Hey darling friendy - the photos look fabulous. Was so glad to see it all in "real" life :)

    chat soon

  6. Wow! This is amazing! I love the idea of putting the food in drawers so cute! AND original!

  7. Such great ideas and amazing pics:)


  8. @bobby -thanks
    @lipgloss ninja - thanks
    @shayne - yes i had a great time :) thanks
    @farmgirl - cool and thanks
    @lynette - sure :) i'd love to, we can talk prices for my services - hehehe
    @being brazen - it was great to have you there sweetie
    @chantel - thanks - i have seen others use desks and drawers on the web so not as original as u think but thanks
    @princess V - aaah thank you :)

  9. Love this! Busy getting the last things together for my Bday part tomorrow! You gave me some great inspirations!

  10. What a lovely party you had. Excellent stuff. Happy very belated birthday xx

  11. Looks like a great party, congratulations!

  12. love some of these photos!!

  13. Hey hun : )

    Firstly I have to say your decor pics are stunning and soo inspiring! I love decor and doing things like this, I just wish I had the time to do it.
    2ndly, thank you so much for all your twitter messages, comments etc, your support means the world to me : )
    You are right there are so many things going on right now and as soon as I can I will share it with everyone...and no I will never forget the fabulous friends who supported me : )
    Have a lovely long wknd! xxx

  14. Wow! Everything is beautiful. So many great details. Even the food is pretty. Nicely done!

  15. What a great party - I was drawn in by the macaroons! Did you make those?! Thanks for sharing :-)


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