Tuesday, September 7, 2010

 So i thought i would write what makes me smile at the moment: (in no particular order)

. my lovely family and friends who put up with my craziness
. loud music in my car while driving
. a warm cup of tea when my hands are cold
. pretty blogs (especially ones with good recipes)
. my understanding man - even when I am hormonal and make crazy ridiculous remarks
. the mind of a small child :) they are so encouraging and honest
. a good walk on the beach - beautiful waves and fresh air
. accomplishing a clean kitchen - dishes and all

So what makes you smile? go on do share :)


  1. I love posts like this - they make me smile!

    And seeing my fruit trees blossoming, flowers blooming in my garden and the hugs and kisses from my children . and my cup of tea in bed every morning from my darling husband!

  2. Mmmmm, tea. That's making me happy too.
    And reading in bed, when I get time.
    Plus my boyfriend who always gives me foot massages.

  3. I'm with bobby on the reading in bed! I love reading in bed with a hot mug of chamomile tea on my bedside table! following you ;-)

  4. i see tea ranks high up the list of likes/smiles :) what would we do without tea? :) and everyone seems to like their bed too :)
    thanks for commenting gals :)

    and thanks Brazen

    Betty x

  5. This is such a cute post:)I love sitting and reading a magazine..cuddled up with my doggie!


  6. Hmmmm, book, bed, tea. so predictable but then again I can get equally excited about a whole day spent exploring interesting shops and finding the perfect cappucino!

  7. good friends, good wine, good (dark) chocolate, good design. in no particular order :)


your thoughts?