Wednesday, September 22, 2010

INVITATIONS for The French Party

 These are my invites from The French Party i did for my 30th birthday - thought you may want to see.

 the front of the invite with the name sleeve pulled over

the invite wording and design once pulled out of the sleeve :)

 I designed the invites in mind that i didn't need to customise put a name on each one before printing. I put the names on the see through sleeves of each invite which was designed to be pulled out and read. I tried to make the look of the invites feel like old school Parisian chic and aptly called the party - A tough of Paris.
Dress code was: Black, white and bling or a touch of paris, so guests could decide for themselves.

Anyway now you know :)


  1. These are stunningly gorgeous!! I absolutely love the see through sleeve Idea! You are so creative ;-)

  2. They are lovely! How much will you charge to make wedding invites?

  3. @chantel thank you very much :)
    @farmgirl - thank you - so who's getting married? seriously?


  4. I did not get a proper invite....i feel so hurt *sob *

    hehehe ;)

  5. ohoh! It seems as if your services are highly sought after...will I be able to afford you;-D

  6. @brazen - you crazy chick you wanted me to email you invite cause i wouldn't be seeing you before the party

    @lynette hahahaha thanks that made me laugh

  7. @farmgirl cool :) when? oh do share :) I don't remember reading about on your blog...mmm or did i miss it?

  8. So not into planning my own wedding....(Hate planning my own stuff, but love doing other peoples's!) Got engaged in March, and all I have is the venue. At this rate I'll probably get married in about 3 years time...

  9. oh shame Heidi - where is the venue? that is the first thing to do on your list - well done :) next is the photographer and then the dress.
    I used to do wedding photography so I know all that is involved. best of luck. just pretend you are doing for someone else - maybe that would work better for you - hehehehe
    If you are being serious about the invitations drop me an email at and let me know what you were thinking :)

    happy long weekend


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