Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 This is one of those great recipes that can be made by young and old and is good for teatime with friends (or by yourself), good for lunch boxes or good for a easy gift for someone - no matter how healthy they are.
And the really cool part is even as young as a 2 year old can help you roll out little balls or logs and dip them in the coconut :) so it's good for bonding/baking together or for pre-school teachers to do with there class.

So this is a win - win recipe :)

 Now before making these please take note that you can vary the quantities of the ingredients to suit you and if you have more of one ingredient and a little of another in the house vary it with something similar (like you can swap almonds for some other nuts you have or use some peanut butter if you have only a few dates)

200g dates - fresh sticky dates (you can use the hard block of dates but they are not as good)
50 grams almonds (ground or flaked or whole) which ever you prefer
50 grams pecan nuts
a handful of raisins
1/2 a cup of fine shredded coconut
Extra fine coconut for rolling in

First off pulsate the nuts in the blender until they are varying in size between crumbs and largeish chunks. You can finely chop with a sharp knife if you don't have a blender. Take out the blender and set aside. Take the dates and cut in half, take out the pips and then cut up into small pieces with a knife or place in a blender and pulsate (minus pips).Add raisins and pulsate a little more. Now add the raisins and dates to the nuts and mix with your hands. Add enough coconut to stop the mixture from being to sticky. At this point you could add some whole raisins/nuts/cherries/small copped up pieces of dried fruit or dried berries or dark chocolate and then squish/roll into small balls or logs.
place the extra coconut on a large plate and roll the balls/logs in it coating well.

Serve or package in an airtight container and refrigerate until needed



  1. mmm, these look delish! They will make an excellent gift, thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. I must admit to not really being a fan of dates - but these sound nice considering you can switch the ingredients around. Will def have to give them a bash.

    Btw tried your coconut ice not so long ago and my girls loved it.

  3. @chantel - thanks and pleasure :)

    @being brazen - yeah they are :) and healthy so its a win - win

    @shayne - let me know how they came out if you do give them a try and i'm soooo glad the girls liked the coconut ice - YAY!!! :)

  4. I have to try this! I got your mail from your blackberry, thanks hun! Will reply tomorrow xxx

  5. What stunningly beautiful styling and photography! And these treats sound and look absolutely delicious! Yes I can imagine nibbling on these while sipping tea. perfect.

  6. Oh my gosh, my mom use to make something similar for us when were young! They are amazing!!!
    Healty and yummy = awesomeness!

  7. Yum! Not sure if I should make these cos I'd probably eat them all in one go!;)

  8. Mmm this look and sound delicious! I make similar ones, but haven't tried the almond flour. This is definitely going on my "Must Try" list - thanks!


  9. This has become my family favourite treat! Thank you!!

  10. I made these with some cocoa powder and chopped cashews and tasted devine. almost like chocolate truffles without the fat.


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