Monday, October 11, 2010

Lunch Theft at work

For all you foodies out there who devote time into the perfect sandwich for lunch - only to have it stolen from the work fridge or locker. There is a plan :) Anti Theft Bags. When I heard the name I figured some sort of bag with a key or an alarm!

but no this clever company thought of printing what looks like green mold on the bag so people would be put off stealing your lunch :)

 so very clever - wish I had thought of this.

 Tada - nice and fresh for you to eat but looks nasty to others when in the bag. Ofcourse you can't tell your colleagues about this or they will start stealing your lunch again

You can get these cool lunch bags here


  1. hahahhaha! BrillianT! I can't believe people actually do that, steal lunch, I mean! Thank god that has never happened to me, or there would be hell to pay, I tell you!

  2. yes, i saw these ages ago and thought they were a super good idea. Since I suspect we have a lunch thief in our office, I should try these bags out. hehehe


  3. Lol! Very good idea. Wish I did not work from home...

  4. Very Clever! Although it would be just my luck that somebody would throw them out of the fridge because they looked old.

  5. This is so so so so clever!!!

  6. Now that is an excellent idea. Here they are way too scared to steal my lunch as I will eat them all alive if it's gone (and they know it!)


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