Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PIZZA - I think i may have perfected it for me

so this is IT!!! well for me anyway. I have been trying to perfect the base of a gluten free pizza for ages. I can make one with flour/wheat just fine but since we don't eat that any more I need to make numminess out of things we can eat. 

200ml hand hot - hot water
half to 3 quarters of a sachet of yeast

mix the 2 together in a bowl and let stand until starting to bubble or froth.

Meanwhile in another nice large bowl sift and mix together the following ingredients EXCEPT THE OIL:

500grams (half a kilogram) of gluten free flour mix (I used Health Connection gluten free flour mix)
1 packet yeast
3 tablespoons organic brown sugar
a pinch or 2 of grinder salt
about roughly 3-4 tablespoons olive oil or sunflower oil

Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and add the frothy yeast water and oil.
Mix and slowly add more warm water until you have a loose sticky mix. Mix and bring together and keep adding a bit of water until you have a warm loose dough. Add more flour if you've added to much water. other wise let if me a soft sticky ball that sticks to your hands.

Cover bowl with a hot wet tea towel/dish cloth by running hot water from the tap and wetting the cloth, ring it out slightly till not dripping any more but still wet/damp. place over bowl and leave dough to rise for an hour or two or until doubled in size.

Take out a nice sized ball of dough mix a little flour into the piece you are about to roll out and then place on a floured surface and roll out until desired size and thickness. I recommend rolling out quite thin.

place dough/pizza base and a preheated (very hot) baking tray and place on your tomato based sauce (recipe below) and cheese and toppings

Place in a 200 degrees celcius oven - oven rack slightly raised to between middle and top of oven.
Bake till the base is crispy and light brown under neath

Take out, cut and serve

a lot of tomatoes ( i use about 10)
1 - 2 onions
Herbs - basil, oregano

Peel the tomatoes (place in boiling water then peel after a minute or 2) the skins should come off esily in your hands.
Finely chop the onions then fry in some sunflower oil until lightly golden
Add the peeled and chopped tomatoes.
Add salt, pepper, basil and oregano and some sugar.
Keep adding sugar until the sourness of the tomatoes has been balanced out.
Lightly simmer for roughly 20 min.

*This is also great for a pasta sauce - just add cream ad the end and serve over pasta :) *

 TIP: use a pair of scissors to cut out your pizza -its so much easier than using a knife


  1. YUM YUM YUM...Im going to try makes this....or maybe you should rather make some for about on Saturday? hehehe


  2. yummy! wheat free people have a life!!!


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