Monday, October 18, 2010


I had such a lovely weekend I just have to tell you all about it. It wasn't that anything profound happened or that we did anything particularly spectacular - it just was nice :)

  • Friday I managed to go to a play date for my daughter and spend time with a friend :)
Made roast chicken and potatoes
In the evening we watched a dvd and relaxed - started late so went to bed late
  • Saturday I managed to walk/run on the beach and then home, bath and off to the food market for a really quick shop.Came home and the husband washed the dog and then we all gardened together for most of the day. 
We cleaned up our weed infested pots and planted my herb garden that I've been wanting for sooo long now! (yay! accomplished that) My husband worked hard and helped me sooo much! Used left over chicken from the night before to make chicken and veg soup for Sunday and had salad for supper.

  • Sunday morning got up early and walked on the beach - it was a stunning and hot day. Came home and sat under our pergola and drank freshly brewed coffee. We sorted, re-arranged and cleared out our daughters room (yay! another accomplishment -although husband did most of it). 
Shopped for a laptop bag for the husband. Made vanilla infused pineapple and banana gelato -my own made up recipe :)
Watched the Mentalist and some House and relaxed and ate soup late at night

It was a good weekend with good weather, good working and good relaxing :) a great balance.


  1. Nice photos. Very relaxing thoughts when I see these photos...

  2. Hi,

    Came here from Dreamers Into Doers. Cute site - look forward to reading more!

  3. Your post "love is a choice" is still in my reader. You should post say so many things that we all feel...we should have more fun and not have "all work and no play."


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