Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All I want right now is one of these and a cup of coffee

I am so distracted and NEED to focus...

This blog post has taken 3 days to write and I'm only on the second line > yikes!
I can't write in story form right now as I'm so distracted so bullet form it is:
  • So I was interviewed last week for the Wellness Warehouse blog about being Gluten-Free. Take a look at the interview here.
  • I managed to email all the bloggers involved in the Blog it Forward idea [yay me]

  • I have been catching up on emails - nearly there but school trips and cleaning and cooking keeps getting in the way of me getting it under wraps - darn!!! - I will conquer my inbox [positive thinking Betty positive]
  •  Photo editing is also on my to-do list but I keep taking more photo so I guess that is one of those things I won't be conquering - oh well - you win some, you lose some.
  • You are crazy for reading this post - hahaha - ok what i really mean is - thank you for reading this post
  • Washing dishes is NOT cool!
  • I have a strong urge for coffee - when I say urge I mean - AAAH give it to me NOW!!! I think I may need to go the shop right after I have hit the posting button - Run out the door - hand bag in hand and nothing else!!!
  •  If your name is Swee San you have until Friday to email me - then I will be selecting a new winner for the birdie vinyl giveaway.- sorry. [hope you email]
  • Have to go doing shopping now - organic and all - I wouldn't have it any other way.

so hope you weren't to confused by my crazy mumblings.....
coffee it is!!!  ....bye


  1. Your post made me smile and I DID read it to the end;-D This time of the year is hectic and I also have a feeling of being totally overwhelmed. But positive thinking will go a long way toward getting through it. Now for that cuppa that I need after you made me aware of coffee again;-D

  2. Loved this post - you sound like I felt this morning when blogging.

    I really think that you should pick me is swee swan or whatever their name is doesn't respond to your plea - that birdcage has my name on it :)

    i have a dishwasher and a domestic - so washing dishes is not something i ever do. I hate it with a passion.

  3. I missed that you are also gluten free :) I skipped over the pizza post cos they just taunt me!

    I didnt get a mail about the blog it forward :( I did put my name down!

  4. @lynette - positive yes its a must :)

    @shayne - i wish i had a domestic so i didn't have to do dishes!!! and maybe you will win that vinyl after all :)

    @laura - I'm so sorry - maybe we can add you to a group still?

  5. Love the picture and yay for being interviewed. Well done.
    Hope you have a fab day!

  6. Loved your post hun! Hope you are having a goood week so far! Mwah xx

  7. Love these type of rambling posts, my I did one too today. Since we are only two in our group, you can add Laura (although I know her well)

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