Saturday, November 13, 2010

BLOG IT FORWARD - My own blog post

I have yet to do my Blog it Forward Post. So here it is! (If you are not sure what blog it forward is - check it out here)

One of the blogs in my group is Oh Darling Bride, a beautiful blog to do with weddings . I love looking at beautiful wedding inspired photos :) and this blog has many for you to get lost in. So dreamy and pretty - what is a girl not to like about it?

picture from oh darling bride

Run by 2 brides to be Monique and Ruth. Who better to do a wedding blog than 2 girls busy planning their own weddings of course. Most ladies love to look at weddings whether you are single, engaged, or married - girls just love to see pretty things and most are romantics at heart - sigh... Day dreaming again - sorry

so go and check out Oh darling bride and say hi and that Betty Bake sent you :)

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  1. me too I love seeing wedding photos. Love to see happy people with there wonderful gown ad suits. I'll check it out


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