Friday, November 5, 2010

Guy Fawkes and a Winner!

So I couldn't find my Guy Fawkes photos from last year - don't know why. So here is a pic of some boats in Kalk Bay Harbour. The reason for the need of fireworks pics is because it is guy fawkes today for us and lots of people will be letting off fireworks tonight. YAY! they always look so pretty.

And on another celebratory and explosive note: the WINNER of the Kawaii $20 voucher is:
*drum roll and fire works*
Curious Constellation said...
I also liked Kawaii Goodies on FB.
So happy Friday

Have a Super Weekend


  1. Do you Guy Fawkes?

    We don't really do it here. Seems the Eastern Cape are not big into American celebrations. Although it is my hubby's b'day, so we celebrate in other ways!

    Happy Friday xx

  2. normally our local beach is one of the designated spots for the public to let off their fireworks - so everyone buys their fireworks and goes to the beach and lets them off :) so from our house we can see loads of them - BUT this year the muncipality said no to using our beach and so there was nothing to watch last night :(

    it is usually so pretty,

    Happy Birthday to your husband

    Betty bake

  3. Ohmigoodness! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to check out the pretty goodies! (:

  4. Hi!!!

    Maybe we walk past each other some mornings! We have a yacht in the Marina there! I always love your pics of the boats and always try to see if I can figure out from where you took the pics....

  5. Hi Betty, sorry for my late reply...I'm happy to another group in the future. Thanks for organizing this. Cheers :D


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