Monday, November 29, 2010


Nothing like having a kid to put  you in the Christmas mood :) with the school nativity play done [check] and the Christmas decorations being made at school [check] - I think I may need to get my butt into gear and start thinking about getting out the decorations.... and look into baking a Christmas cake :) I love cherries :)
That being said I'm not decorating totally just yet as it is the husbands birthday on the 12th of December and it just doesn't feel right to have decorations up while celebrating his birthday. So I'm thinking of starting small like a wreath on the door and one or two ornaments out and then after the 12th of December I'll do the Christmas tree and the works!! Talking about being more Christmas focused right now I've decided instead of buying my 6 year old the traditional chocolate advent calender I'll make her one instead myself :) BUT tomorrow is the last day of November so I have today and tomorrow to make it so that on Wednesday morning it can be up and she can start using it.

 I got really pretty inspiration and ideas from these blogs and if you're thinking of making one or just curious then go and take a look :)

Cute little folded boxes advent calender here
Match box advent calender here
Tiny envelope hanging advent calender here

I would love to try the first 2 but seeing as though I am pressed for time I think I will do the tiny envelopes one (last one on the list) as it's super easy and quick to do and it even has FREE printables. just print, stick and fill :) I've also been collecting various little things to fill them with - strips of stickers cut up, teeny tiny ornaments, tiny chocolates and little mints/sweeties, an ink stamper or 2 and some baby animal kiddies tattoos. May add a lip gloss if I find one between now and tomorrow night.

Hope you enjoy looking and maybe try to make your own if you feel like it


  1. I have some of my Christmas decor up, but plan to put the rest up this weekend - we're still undecided about a real or fake tree as we will be away after Christmas and the thought of coming back to a mass of pine needles is not too appealing!

    I bought a gorgeous wooden 'house' with 24 drawers as an advent calendar. Was chuffed as it was marked down from R350 to R75, now just need to fill it with sweeties!

  2. ooo your wooden house sounds gorgeous :) I need to find one of those for next year :)
    I understand about the tree thing - maybe fake maybe better even though the real life tree is so pretty I would also opt for the mess free version - especially if you are going away.

    good luck with deciding

  3. Love the Matchbox Advent Calendar!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Great ideas - I had my own little emergency one to make today, and I am chuffed as to how it came out.

  5. @heidi yes the match box one is cute :) I also liked it so much but needed to be more prepared for it - so i will make it next year :)

    @cat well done!!! :)

  6. Love these babe! Happy Wednesday! Mwah xx

  7. I love the ideas...maybe I should think of starting a advent calendar for my grand bambinos.


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