Thursday, January 13, 2011

not getting up early, music and party stuff

  •  I am busy planning my daughters birthday party which has me in design and create heaven - but money grounds me regularly -no giant imported thing-a-ma-jigs or fresh pastries flown in from france ;)
  • The soulful sound of chilled out jazz and the swishing and tapping swing style is really up my alley at the moment - I'm feeling like real old school music at the moment.
  • I feel more relaxed when my house is clean.... Well tidy, clean maybe pushing it (hehehe)
  • Not having to get up and out the door for the school run is making me super happy - from next week it maybe another story when my daughter goes back to school - but for now, I'm enjoying it
  • All the lovely comments on this blog has kept me smiling - thank you :)

So whats making you smile at the moment?


  1. Also planning my daughter's 5th birthday party - having so much fun - have you seen all the divine dessert table ideas out there? Am in design heaven!

    Am loving sleeping late too, not looking forward to the early mornings next week again.

    And music wise - I've rediscovered Annie Lenox - how cool is she?

  2. yes so many amazing dessert tables out there :) yay! inspiration deluxe :)

    Annie Lenox is great :)

    Betty B

  3. I also feel better when my place clean. makes me feel more organised too.


  4. Love kiddies parties! Can I come? Please?

  5. I love kiddie parties, they are way easier to organise than grown up parties. Thank heavens my schoolrun days are over.

  6. I also feel calmer when the house is tidy!!!

    At the moment bed time makes me smile :-p


your thoughts?