Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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I love easy food - as in just stick it in the oven and then dish it up once it cooked :) Makes life easy for everyone, especially on a week night when things need to get done and routines need to happen with kids etc...
So this is one of my easy meals I make when I have other things to do besides cook or just don't feel like it [gasp]

All you do is take a raw chicken (I use free range chicken) and place in a large roasting/oven dish.
Surround with *peeled and chopped up potatoes.
Drizzle with some olive oil and plenty sea salt - and some fresh rosemary (if you have) .
Place in the oven at 180 degrees celcius for roughly an hour to an hour and a half.
Make a quick salad while chicken is cooking (whatever you like- cucumber, tomato, lettuce, feta etc) and place in the fridge.
Check the chicken near the end so you don't burn it. And maybe stir the potatoes a little.
Take out when juices inserted in the leg/thigh area run out clear with no blood in it and the chicken skin is brown and crispy.

Cut up the chicken and serve with the potatoes and salad

* you don't even have to peel the potatoes if you don't have time - they will come out like wedges if you leave the skin on.


  1. Looks delicious!

  2. This really looks exceptionally good. The color of your finished chicken is beautiful. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit my blog. I hope you'll come often. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I love easy food too! This looks like a winner... Is that baking dish from Woolies? I was thinking of getting one...
    Robyn x

  4. @my bestfriend's Little sister - thank you :)

    @mary thank you and i will stop by more :) thanks for visiting me :)

    @I am Farmgirl - lol - sorry :)

    @koek - yes that is a woolies dish - and it sooo nice, I love cooking in it :)

    Thanks for the comments :) I love to get to know everyone who stops by here :) yay!!!

    Betty B x

  5. Awesome, I love easy, fast but healthy meals. This looks like a winner! I'll have to print it out and give it a try. Thanks Bernice

  6. Oooh yum! Fast and pretty = my kind of meal!

  7. Oh my ! I just adore your photography. HOW is it possible that you just made a raw chicken look good !?

  8. @monique - aaah thanks monique :) - such a nice comment :) its my pleasure :)

    ps let me know how it turns out :)

  9. @caylee aaah thank you - you are very kind :)

    @silver sands - thanks, hope you will try it :)

  10. it looks so delicious!

    have a great time,

  11. One of my standby favourites. Love love love roast chicken. I often put sweetpotato, butternut and real potatoes in to roast together. Pure yumminess.

    Have you tried the Ina Paarman Rosemary & Olive Seasoning - my trust favourite especially with chicken.

    YUmmy YUMMY!

  12. @paula - thank you :)

    @shayne - yes i also put other veg and roast it all together sometimes and I used to use Ina paarman but prefer to use fresh out of the herb garden if possible - when i get it right - that spice is really good in potato salad - give it a try if you haven't before :)

    Betty B x

  13. Oh I LOVE roast chicken - and yours looks particularly delectable! It's such an easy no-fuss meal to do too - don't know why people are nervous of making it :)


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