Monday, January 17, 2011


 I had the privilege of photographing and discussing ideas of this gorgeous pink and white Polka Dot Party with one of my sister in laws who created it for her daughters 2nd birthday Party. How cute is it? 
The theme is consistent through out - pink and white polka dots :) Just about all the eats are pink or white - white popcorn, pink and white lollipops, pink and white marshmallows, pink and white layered jelly, pink and white cupcakes, pink and white swiss roll, white peppermints, all laid out on a white table cloth with a pink tuile overlay and scattered glass droplets for dots on the tablecloth. Lots of little touches of pink and white and polka dots.
So cute for a little girl. But just as good for a girly party of any age. Cute for a baby shower of girly kitchen tea too.
Happy looking.

peppermints in tiny teacups with polka dots - lots of glass droplets for polka dot look on the table cloth

pink fondant iced cake with white fondant dots
isn't this little silver bird to cute?
pink filled wafers in a pink heart shaped box

pink and white plates layered
swiss roll with a white cream and strawberry, pink filling

I couldn't resist wrapping my nieces' present in polka dots too :)

I liked the different shaped containers to hold the various eats - martini glasses as well as square vases and plates plus rectangular platters gave a nice diversity without detracting from the polka dot theme.
silver bird looking after the cute pink and white polka dot serviettes

Thanks for looking at this party. I just love the little silver bird, I'm hoping to find my own one, one day. 
This party is so cute and could be used for so many parties not just for a 2 year old but a girl/woman of any age that loves pink and the touches of white polka dots just makes it even cuter.


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  1. Fabulous party! We did flowers and pink polka dots for the Princess' on Saturday - will still do a post but the cupcakes are featured here:

  2. GOrgeous, love the dots - watch my blog for Polly's party in a couple of weeks!

    What did you SIL put on the sarmies? I'm really stuck for pink fillings for sarmies!

    Btw, i tried to mail you this am and your email was rejected by my server - is yr mailbox too full? I've updated my blog :)

  3. What a lovely theme, looks wonderful!

  4. can't imagine anything cuter than that!

  5. Hi B! Happy New Year to you! Great pics and I want that little bird too!x

  6. oh my word - the beautifulness of these images! :-)

  7. Stunning photos! Makes me want a little girl all over again...Yikes!

  8. So beautiful! Love the white and pink polka dots theme!

  9. I adore pics babe!! Love what you have done with your blog ;) xx

  10. Hi stunnning! I absolutely love what you guys have done!!!

  11. This is adorable and soooooo cute!


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