Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  • I was not looking forward to school starting and getting up to make lunches but since school has started - I am happily getting into a routine of walking on the beach and coming home and bathing and reading a bit of a book.- I never thought that the routine would work in my favor :) Life has nice little surprises sometimes.
  • Planning a holiday in your head can be so refreshing and an escape from reality .... In my mind I'm off to Italy - and someday I will go there but for now it is nice to day dream :)
  • My husband can make me more than grin sometimes :) He surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses last week that are still lasting - they smell beautiful and are sitting in a vase on my kitchen table (sigh) so pretty :)
  • Party plans for the little ones birthday are well underway - decor has been bought and ideas are flowing but invitations are not yet made!!! on the bright side most of the decor is here and ready to be put up when needed - only 16 more sleeps if I'm correct - AAAAH!!! I see baking in my near future.
  • Your comments make me smile - just saying :)

So what have you been up to? Any happiness or daydreaming in your day?


  1. Sounds like things worthy of a smile!

    Kiaras party is in April but we have to plan these things early :) Her theme is MONSTERS!

    She has yet to choose a "normal" Barbie/Fairy theme *sigh*

    But its a very cool theme!!!

  2. also planning a does make me feel much better. i'm looking at with lots of beaches. my kinda place.
    hope you have a fab day!

  3. I must confess that while planning my birthday these past 2 weeks it crossed my mind a few times that I wish I lived closer to you clever ladies that do this so well.


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