Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baking is FREE well it could be....

To all you lovely foodies out there - Baking isn't Free. It does cost Money $$$ and as much as I want to live the dream and bake and cook till I am in a sugar coma (ok not really ) sugar heaven then. Ingredients cost money.

So I am going to be super cheeky and put a tip button on my right hand side bar - it says donate. I would rather it say Tips for Betty Bake but Paypal didn't have an easy way to customize it - so, it says Donate. And if by any chance any of my wonderful readers - yes that's you. Don't look away - you staring at the screen. If you like reading this blog and feel like you want to give me money :) so I can drink more coffee and stay awake and type this blog :) or buy more ingredients to bake then feel free :) any amount would be awesome. Like paying a car guard R2 but I'm way cooler than a car guard , I am friendly and keep you company (sometimes) and I have awesome recipes that are gluten FREE and wheat FREE and that work :) and I don't come running upto your car at the last minute pretending I've been watching it the whole time. hahaha! Ok no pressure now :)
Ok you don't have to give me anything - A big corporate sponsor would be fine too :) 
Just saying.
You can pretend I'm not here - its ok.

I also accept chocolate ;)

anyway just so you know whats happening with the blog .... now you know
cheekiness has a name - its called Betty Bake hahaha ;) *winks

ps I have bought betty bake a - yay. It is taking a little time to set up as I am not as clued up as I thought regarding the world wide web... But things are happening around here - yay!

Happy Wednesday

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