Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Look what I made :) yes the picture you are seeing above this writing - I had fun in photoshop elements and I think it came out ok.
This is a photo I took of a road near my house and I manipulated the yield painted road marking into a make-shift heart.
I have been enjoying messing about in photoshop elements lately and get absorbed for way too long.... so much so I get way to little other things done. - yeah like dishes, cooking, folding laundry, shopping for food.. ok I don't forget to shop for food but I do dash out the door at the very last minute.

If you would like to use this picture on your blog - please leave a comment in the comment section below with a link to your blog post that it is in and of course please link to me from the post that the pic is in and credit me for my work :) THANK YOU SWEETIE :)


  1. hey gawjus! love the pic - can you do a black and white one for me? <3

  2. Beautiful, will post on mine now :)

  3. :)

  4. Love it! So cute and creative!!

  5. This is so are really good with Photoshop...I don't have patience where it comes to editing photos...maybe I am just lazy to learn.


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