Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I always find that making a list of things I like and I'm privileged to have always makes me smile, lifts my spirit and makes me happy. So here goes - cause the rain outside and the pending chores are grating me the wrong way today....
  • I love that it is school holidays and I get to sleep in when it is raining :) 
  • Retail therapy is fun but not as fun as spending time with a friend and chatting the day away :) or being on the phone with one of them :)
  • I was priviledged to be given the NEW Nomu hot chocolate by Paul Raphaeli himself to try out - Thanks Paul and Tracey
  • I love that I was invited to Andiamo for breakfast last week (for FREE) to try out there new breakfast buffet and we were also treated to a goodie bag each - Thank you :)
  • A beautiful drive with a great soundtrack is a must on a long weekend
  • Beauty is all around us - we just tend to filter it away in our brains some days! Try take a FRESH look! Hello pretty mountains and fresh air.
  • Live in the NOW- it is the only time we can take seriously :)
  • Singing with abandon is GREAT for the soul ;)
  • Drinking a good cup of coffee made to perfection is always nice

 So how have you been? Notice anything beautiful or do anything fun? DO TELL ME :)


  1. That's one great list. I especially like the last four. I must say, I do dearly miss seeing the mountains of the Cape. They never failed to have a calming effect on me when we lived in CT.

    I haven't tasted the Nomu drinking chocolate yet, but I have tasted their chocolate chunks hot chocolate. Although, I must admit, the choccie chunks tasted so good on their own that three-quarters of the tin got eaten rather than drunk! :-)

    My past-few-days gratitude list includes:
    - A great family lunch on Good Friday;
    - Being able to go to sleep really late and then sleep-in the following day, waking up to leisurely brunches of fruit/fresh coconut/coffee on the patio with my hubs;
    - Woolworths organic dark chocolate in lieu of Easter eggs;
    - Finally getting DIY tasks done in our cottage that I've been planning for months;
    - Seeing the veggie seeds we planted germinate;
    - Cuddling with the hubs on the couch under a blankie while it's been raining and watching "Human Target" episodes.

  2. wow Juanita - sounds like you had an amazing weekend :) thank you for the great comment, I love all your comments :)
    have a great weekend ahead ... as tomorrow is friday again - YAY!
    hugs Betty B

  3. I am a new follower from the Saturday Tea Party and what a fantastic post. You have such a cute blog by the way. Have a great weekend!

  4. I must agree with you on the coffee. There's nothing that can cancel out a wretched day like a perfectly made cup of coffee... especially if it's spiked, haha!

    Stopping in from the LBS tea party.

  5. I love your heart of gratitude for the many great things in your life. I am also blessed with a great husband, two great kids, a precious dog, a home, food, clothes, air conditioning and heat, a car!!! and so much more. Most immediate today I went yard saling with my dearest friend and I got two gorgeous Pottery Barn candlelabra for $15 - very excited! thanks for sharing. I "followed" you from Lady Bloggers Tea Party and would love a follow-back! Thanks!


  6. @Lauren - thanks for following :) your blog is sooo cute and thanks for the lovely comment :)

    @classic NYer - thanks for stopping by :) coffee ROCKS!!

    @Mary wow you have a great list of being grateful :) stunning! and your pottery barn bargains are a score :) thanks for visiting :)



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