Saturday, June 4, 2011


This time last week I returned home from the Good Food and Wine Show with sore feet and a head buzzing with ideas. After seeing Heston Blummenthal talk and hearing how he came up with parts of his tasting menu for his restaurant The Fat Duck in England (ranked number #2 in the world) I was so inspired! It was a shame that he didn't cook but all his talking inspired me to re-look at where i find my inspiration of how a dish is comprised. Now I won't be buying any special gyro-thingy-ma-jigs or reducing my stock and freezing it 3 times over! but I will be thinking how i can do things differently. So after Heston told us that cooking star anice with onions gave food a fragrant meaty flavour to a dish - I had to try it out. I have already since then made up an Asian lamb rib soup with star anise and corn in it, which my husband was well impressed with (10 points). Now it isn't by any means a Heston creation but it did make me think i should try out cooking with more different spices.


I enjoyed looking and tasting many things at the Good Food and Wine Show. Some of the display owners I recognized from places that I shop. It is always nice to see a happy friendly face and have a chat. Unfortunately I didn't get to photograph them all but I need to say hi and thanks for the chats to Lewis at Odeds Kitchen, Linda at Sublime, Ben at Le Creuset and plenty more....


The above pictures were taken of the Cavendish display done by Kim Gray. I found it very pretty and the actors sat around a table and pretended to have a tea party. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.. or maybe they just enjoy acting ;)

 Cute and pink - The Sweet Temptations display was so cute. They had plenty of toffee to taste in a multitude of flavors (from vanilla to turkish delight and also jelly tot flavor and many more). I think the tops the ladies all wore at there stand were so pretty- All matching pink and black and CUTE!

Wayne from Rudis Sausage Deli. Wayne is a great guy who I buy sausage from at The Earth Fair Market in Tokai on a Wednesday and a Saturday. Rudis has a large display of sausages and they use free-range pork which is anti-biotic free and hormone-Free. 

Of course there was plenty of Lindt to Taste. enough said... :) 

There was plenty of chocolate vendors -one I enjoyed chatting to was to Mr and Mrs Ellis of  Madecasse Chocolate. The company Bright Bean imports fair trade chocolate from Madagascar. So not only is this the right product to buy as its fair to the farmers but it tastes delicious too.

My husband bought me some goodies while we were walking around the show - one of them being this beautiful red kettle by Le Cresuset

one of the other things that I bought was a really nice pairing knife that I REALLY love! It is so handy and I've been using it ever since I got it last weekend. The people at the KAI shun knife stand were really helpful and apparently the little knife I bought has won an award so that is always a good thing. They also stocked beautiful baking equipment from the USA.


  1. Was great to meet you there and yes the star anise trick was very handy. Also the whole idea of making a meal a complete sensory experience not just tasty

  2. Great photos! Just amazing. Wish I could have been there. And I love Heston Blumenthal. He seriously uncovers the science behind preparing food. He is genius!

  3. This is a lovely post :D I still have to sort through my Heston pics as well. I had to take sneaky snapshots from the back of the crowd so in most of them he's got two heads! I enjoyed chatting to the folks at Madecasse as well. Their salted chocolate was amazing. Am really hoping that they find a good stockist in the CBD.

  4. @Lady Raven - It was lovely to meet you too :) and yes so true about making eating a sensory experience

    @Tracy Hancock - will you go to the jo'burg one? and yes Heston is a GENIUS :)

    @smart cookie - oh would have been nice to meet you as we were both there. Yeah the Madecasse choc with the nibs in and the salt is sooooo GOOD!

  5. I love that kettle. How evocative of old world charm!

    Free Lindt...what a dream come true :-)


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