Wednesday, June 1, 2011


regular honey on breakfast, bananas and milk

This all starts with Miss Emma Jude Jackson who asked me if I would be interested in trying out some Manuka honey. After saying yes :) I receiving it, opened it and proceeded to eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar - Because it tastes Fabulous!

But wait!!! Manuka honey is special and has these amazing properties that have made it quite an extraordinary honey. I had read about this particular honey before on natural health sites on the internet and really wanted to purchase some for myself because it has some amazing healing properties. And when the opportunity arose for me to try some from Manuka honey via Miss Emma I jumped at the opportunity - I now didn't have to pay R150 for a small jar of honey :) AND I could try it out for myself and see if I it really worked or not.

After a few weeks I had tried it on my muesli and I was contemplating how to use it next. But Manuka honey has amazing anti-bacterial properties and cooking it just seemed wrong! after all would heating it up kill the anti-bacterial properties?  But then last week I was sick last with a killer sore throat and achey body (I felt sooo aweful)... I now had the PERFECT opportunity to try out the MANUKA honey.

Well I can say it worked fantastically - REAL homemade Lemon in boiling water with a spoon of honey stirred in for my super sore throat. It tasted amazing and actually worked. Like sore throat gone after 24 hours. Next I want to try it out on a scrape or cut if I hurt myself (on the skin) but no opportunities have arisen as yet and I'm not that crazy to actually cut myself.

FYI: You can buy this honey in different strength ratings from 5 - 20. I had rating 15 which has a high antibacterial activity e.g. it worked on my sore throat! but you can get it in a 5 rating if you just want a regular table grade honey.

Manuka honey all brown and caramel
Manuka honey has a smooth caramel taste and is fluffy and thick - like its been beaten to a mousse consistency. I really enjoyed just eating it off the spoon! I think it would be really great in a smoothy with bananas and milk. It would make a great energy booster and breakfast on the run. I'm going to  definitely try this in the warmer months when the weather warms up :)


  1. I'm a big fan of Manuka honey too! Yum!

  2. Mmm - got to get me some of that honey...

  3. where can i get hold of some?

  4. @Zoe - so glad to hear :) its a lovely product

    @koek! - thanks for visiting and commenting :) it is delicious

    @Jacci - you can buy it at pharmacies and im sure other places too

  5. Oh my goodness, imagine how good it would be on freshly baked bread, lightly toasted under the grill, with farm butter and lashings of honey!


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