Monday, June 27, 2011

Organising a Bloggers Get Together

So on Thursday I am looking forward to being part of organizing the Cape Town bloggers get together (with the helping hand of Being Brazen). Now we have utilized Twitter and Facebook as well as some very kind bloggers who have re-posted our invites.
We have been offered wine by Zandvliet Wines and changed venues...It was quite a search.
Thankfully the Grand Daddy Hotel will have us with no venue hire fee = we don't have to charge for people to come - YAY!  So I'm hoping people will support their bar and buy a drink or two (fingers crossed)
Ofcourse the FREE wine isn't going to help this - so we have decided to limit the wine to 1 welcome glass of wine per person to hopefully start things off and then hopefully everyone will order from the bar - after all we would like to be invited back again or be on good terms with the Grand Daddy Hotel for other events ...(if there are any) .... I maybe CRAZY at that POINT!!! (insanity here we come).
We just realized we don't have any snacks for everyone and were hoping to get some donated (good luck on that!!!!) so far no takers. If you are a nice kind soul (read - company) who would like to give us some food for roughly 140 (yes you read right) we would love you FOREVER!!! and of course tweet about it on Thursday night.

Let see if 140 people really pitch? - if half pitch thats 70 people - still not bad for a get together in Cape Town when people tend to hibernate when the weather is cold!




  1. I am sooooooo excited! I know what I'm wearing already! I am going to make 88 cupcakes for it - about all my student budget will allow! Thanks for organising this! I love Cape Town.

  2. It's gonna be awesome - can't wait :)

  3. @katherine lewis - yay me too - and you are sooo kind for baking - THANK YOU *hugs*

    @Leaine's Kitchen - yay looking forward to meeting you all

  4. very excited! Get a kind soul to sponsor non-alcoholic drinks too for us pregnant bloggers!

  5. Darnit Dissapointed is what I am! Can't make it and can't get to meet all these lovely people, many of who I chat to on Twitter a couple of times a day. Anyway, hopefully there'll be another one soon? Great job you've done organising and spreading the word...enjoy!

  6. Ah this sounds like so much fun! can someone in JHB please try arrange the same thing?

  7. @Lady Raven - yay! :)

    @Kim/state of Luxe - hope to see you at the next bloggers thing, and thanks :)

    @Farmgirl - you will be missed sweetie

    @Nunuza - maybe you should arrange it - quite a few joburg people have asked so there is a need - you can do it!!!


    Betty Bake x

  8. Looking forward to it and I will be bringing Mike with me to take lots of pics!! :) xx

  9. @fashion Jazz - it was lovely to have you there :) yay!


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