Tuesday, June 14, 2011

  •  Kind bloggers and a thoughtful sponsor are really making me smile about our bloggers get together we are going to have
  • cooking really can be good for the soul :) especially when listening to music and just enjoying the moment
  • being busy can suck but time away from the computer is necessary and brings NEW inspiration!
  • watching a kid grow can be the most amazing thing for a parent - mine is amazing me each and every day
  • getting a tiny recommendation in a magazine can really make me smile and boost my blog life
  • each a every comment makes me soo happy - thank you

so what is HAPPY in your world?


  1. Oh how nice. I loved reading this! What makes me happy? Sunshine, baby kisses, smiles from strangers, and dark chocolate. Yum.

  2. @being brazen - thanks :) your list is cool too

    @Silver Strands - thank you :) dark choc- oooo YUMMO


your thoughts?