Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Saturday 2nd July I had the opportunity of being part of a Cape Town Version of READY STEADY COOK! No there was no Ainsley Harriot but there was chef Ian Cawkwell and Chef Stefan Wessels as well as Sam Linsell from Drizzle & Dip.

To say that I don't like crowds and people staring at me is an understatement!!! I hate that feeling when you realise the whole room is looking at you and everyone has stopped what they are doing to hear or see what you are doing... say EMBARRASSING! but I must say the market kept its buzz in the background as some people watched and others shopped... and it was FUN! Yes I said fun... this coming from hermit crab me who wanted to climb under the table just minutes before it all started. Thanks to my team member and chef - Ian Cawkwell. We won! ;) YAY!

Sam and Stefan made a fish biltong salad for starters and a Kudo/gembok (or some other wild and exotic mince) into a spaghetti bolognese for their mains. The point of the exercise was to use ingredients from the market that people don't always tend to buy = unusual.

On our team Ian and myself- our dishes were Jerusalem artichoke, bacon and pecora(sheep cheese) risotto. And we got to do a dessert instead of a starter - a banana and almond Tartan. All this = Delicious :)
I really enjoyed working with Ian as he was very thorough and made sure I learnt while we cooked. It was a very enjoyable experience - even if having a microphone in your face every now and then with an MC asking you questions is a weird way to cook! I still had a blast.

Thanks to Jackie from Earth Fair Market organized this event and who has a very cool vision for the market and wants to try new and fun things .... and Fun is what I had!

This Saturday 16th July is the Earth Fair Markets 2nd birthday! Im sure it will be fun.


  1. Hey, hey now :-) Well done to you on getting out there and turning a would-be stressful experience into something fun!

  2. That looks like so much fun :) Well done!

  3. @Juanita - thank you :) i stressed before and i was happy i did it after :) I enjoyed reading your post on the chocolate pots - yum!

    @Laura - thank you :)

  4. YOU WERE INCREDIBLE SISTER! oodles of love and proud and oh my gosh both dishes you and Ian did were OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! :D Please post risotto recipe soon *big love*


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