Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lifes Spice bowl

Im sorry for taking a while to post ... life is busy right now and I love my blog and I'm missing you all so much! Right now I am busy trying to plan a holiday for our family, deciding whether to just stay locally or take a trip internationally but on a budget. Sounds like fun hey...but the decisions are not that easy! and ALL require money and some clever thinking on my part. I've also been out at some lovely launches and events and I have quite a few pictures to go through and edit and post on here. Never mind the recipes I keep hoping to post but I just don't seem to get there. Added in the usual cooking, cleaning, lifting, school homework, family functions etc... Life seem to be one big juggling act!

I hope you are well :) I always check in for comments regardless of if I get time to post something.
Life no matter how busy is good because we have so much to be grateful for ... the weather is beautiful, we have air to breathe and people in our lives to love. I always take time to put on some good music while I'm working - it makes me smile and that is what counts!

I hope your life is happy no matter the circumstances... you are unique and there is NO ONE like you! :)


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