Thursday, September 29, 2011


I found this really nice recipe for gluten free pasta/ravioli on Gluten Free Girl & The Chef.
I made it quite a long time ago and made up my own filling for the little ravioli pockets. And even though it been a long time since I made them my daughter has been asking for it again.

I need to make them again soon. They do take a little work and time to make - but its sooo worth it!

I did a roast butternut filling and in others I did a tomato mince filling. 

Start by making the Ravioli (I found this recipe on Gluten Free Girl & the Chef)


2-1/2 cups gluten free flour (I used Health connection Gluten Free Flour Mix)
1 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon olive oil
5 eggs
1 egg yolk

Place the flour in a bowl.
Add salt, oil and eggs.
Mix until you have a dough.
Then place on a lightly floured surface.
Knead dough by folding over and turning over and kneading for a few minutes, until the right consistency appears (somewhat like bread dough). If the dough is too dry and crumbly, add remaining egg white
Place the dough in a bowl and cover.
Allow dough to rest for at least 20 minutes


1 medium butternut peeled
1 small onion peeled
1 Tablespoon olive oil (or oil of choice)
1 garlic clove skin still on
a few Tablespoons fresh cream

Chop your butternut into chunks (the smaller they are the quicker they'll cook)
Place in a medium to large oven roasting dish.
Dice the onion finely and sprinkle on the butternut
Drizzle with olive oil (or oil of choice)
Take 1 clove of garlic with the skin on and crush under a knife or heavy object to just break the skin so flavors can release.
Place in the middle of the butternut tray. 
Sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt
Bake at 180 degrees Celsius until golden brown and tender. (stir occasionally)
Take out the oven
Remove the garlic clove
Take your ingredients and place in a food processor/blender and blitz until smooth adding a tablespoon of cream at a time. You want a consistency of mashed banana or heavy cream (not to runny).
If you don't have a blender you can mash butternut with a potato masher or a fork but you won't get as smooth a filling.


If you have a pasta machine put the dough through it a few times and then cut into squares.
If you don't have a pasta machine - not to worry. Just roll out the dough with your rolling pin until nice and thin and then cut into squares. You can decide if your want small, medium or large ravioli - just make sure your squares that you place on top of each other are the same size. I made ours roughly 5 cm x 5cm.
Once you have decided on the size of your squares and cut them up. Place a spoonful of the butternut filling in the middle and dab water all along the edge and then place another square on top to seal. I then used a fork to press down lightly on long the edge to make sure they were well sealed. (not sure if this is necessary) I also liked the pattern.

Put water in a pot and bring to a rolling boil and then place a few in at a time.
Once they rise to the top take out and place on a plate with season with salt, pepper and a little sprinkled cheese if desired or a nice sauce - like a cheese sauce or whatever you fancy. I think if would go well with a cream cheese and bacon crumbled on top.

You can see I served it with a mince sauce in the pic above. Use this recipe minus the spaghetti for the mince sauce.



  1. After years and years, I am back on my gluten free diet. I am so grateful to have found you and encourage you just to keep those gluten free recipes flowing. You will make a decent cook out of me yet.

  2. Yum.

    Am so going to try these.

    Am also in the process of getting my mind around gluten free. So much better for your insides.

    Might jsut have to pick your brain big time x

  3. Good food brings people together. Finger food is best suited for all occasions, it is light and people love eating it. Keep posting!


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