Friday, October 21, 2011

La Motte - Cape Winelands Cuisine Cookbook Launch

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a cookbook launch of Cape Wineland's Cuisine at the La Motte Wine farm.
The idea behind the cookbook is to bring back some of the old family recipes our grandmothers used to cook in the Cape Winelands area ... traditional comfort food. Things like Offal Brawn, Rolpens and pickled tongue. I don't know what is comforting about Offal... I was yet to find out!

ARRIVAL SNACKS. We started in the old cellar with refreshments (rooibos tea, ginger beer with rose geranium etc.) and some snacks (Mosbeskuit, Mini ouma's loaf, oyster and marrow pies to name a few). After our snacking, drinking and chatting, the day proceeded with an interview style talk on a mini stage with the chefs and owners of the farm about how the book came to being. A very interesting discussion to say the least. Funny and informative. All was ended off with a lovely prayer  by Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg.

We then headed to lunch at Pierneef.

LOCATION. Pierneef is a beautiful building with a delightful mix of decor, chic and comfortable mixed together.
I loved how everything was mixed together from comfortable couches to beautiful chairs and hanging teapots.

FOOD. We all had detailed programs/menu's which told us what food we were going to be eating- Things like Offal, and pickled tongue and cape bokkom salad...To say I was apprehensive is an understatement! I mean eating tongue and Offal is really not my thing but I was determined to try everything.
And to my surprise - it was delicious. I really enjoyed quite a lot of the food. I had to consciously  turn off my mind and just go with the flavours I was tasting... and they were very good!

My favorite was the Sweet and Sour Pumpkin and Lamb Stew - I will be returning for this if it is on their menu. It really was so GOOD! I am still thinking about it a few days on. And of course all the food was paired with La Motte's wines. All perfectly complimented each dish and tasting.

THE FARM.  Having it been my first time to La Motte I really enjoyed finding out more about the wine farm. It has an art gallery, wine tasting cellar, restaurant, farm stall and walks on the estate.

The  Rupert-Koegelenberg family were very warm and welcoming - letting us onto their farm and sharing their beautiful food and wine with us. I felt at home and well taken care of. Thank you very much.

 *Cape Winelands Cuisine available soon in bookstores



  1. What an awesome experience. I would be just as aprehensive re the offal Im afraid....I may not be as brave as you were :) xx

  2. @browniegirlblog - thanks - it was a great experience :) thanks for the comment :) have a great weekend!

  3. What a lovely experience, Betty! Such a beautiful setting and elegant food...and I really love the idea of arrival snacks! Sounds like the perfect way to welcomeyour guests.

  4. @Faith - thanks for the comment :) it was such a lovely launch. Popping over to your blog to have a read :) hugs BB


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