Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Radio Silence

Radio Silence ....

So here I am staring at the computer screen. Cursor flashing back at me, daring me to write something brilliant and worthy of awesomeness.

 But then I realized I should probably leave it to the pros for amazing writing and just be me :)

So hi. I'm back from our 3 week family holiday and ready to get my life back in gear.
Being away from the computer so long has made me lazy for writing and editing and organizing in digital world. I loved being in nature and seeing all the animals and the beautiful countryside ... but now I am home back in suburbia and needing to get back to work, life and routine.
It has its ups and downs... Ups like I get to have a morning cup of coffee all by myself and breathe the fresh smell of the morning and just think and plan *bliss*
Downs because its back to washing (clothes), sorting, lifting, homework (the kid), more washing (dishes) and just schedules of ballet and play dates and suppers etc.... and not enough time to take photos of food and edit and type out recipes - I need to get my groove back.

In short please bare with me... I'm trying and will be back.


  1. Thanks so much for all you divine ideas and recipes!
    Quick simple question:
    I've just invested in a bread maker (shocking I know) - Have you got any Gluten free pizza dough or basic Gluten free bread recipe that I could use with my bread maker?

  2. @being Brazen - thanks *waves hi*

    @anonymous - thanks for the comment - I have this pizza dough recipe but not sure how it will work in the bread machine. thanks for popping by

  3. its BEAR with me .....


    BARE with me .....


  4. Love cookies I like to eat cookies now. :)



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