Friday, November 4, 2011

Old World Christmas Thoughts

My mind is reeling with ideas as Christmas approaches and the things I could be making and should be baking... Like when will I start baking my Christmas cake. And will I get to it this year?
Last year I baked mine after Christmas. I had all the ingredients but just didn't get to it until Christmas was over. Its not that I didn't want to bake it.. just the opposite -  I really wanted to bake it. It is one of my own little Christmas traditions for myself. Every year for me it is reminiscent of my grandmother who would bake a whole batch of Christmas cakes every year. It is such a lovely memory and since I have her recipe (which I have adapted to be gluten free) it makes me feel a connection or closeness or just a feeling of old world charm.
I think this year our Christmas will be more home-made and less commercial. I am opting to make quite a few of my Christmas presents for people. For no other reason than because I want to. I feel like I am giving more than just a quick, mall induced, crazy shopping spree present wrapped in crunchy, cheap, red and green paper but a piece of me in the gift.

How are your days coming along? with festive cheer? or a muttered mall induced snarl?


  1. Hi,

    Yes, I cannot agree more. I've also decided this year handmade gifts are going to be on the list. I'm a knitter, so guess what they will get? is a nice place to support other creative people and skip the mall!!

  2. How did i miss this post?

    I'm definately baking my own Christmas cake this year, partly because I have orders and partly because I want to decorate it beautifully!

    Pressies are bought. Sadly. I have been too crazy busy this year with baking to make things.

    Maybe next year :)


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