Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things I am CRAVING right now...

So as a woman I am always thinking and finding things that are a must have, or want... some realistic and some not! Hope you enjoy.

1) I could really do with a tin or 2 of Nomu Hot Chocolate chunks (its real chocolate ground up into chunks) instead of making it into hot chocolate I put spoonfuls into a glass of cold milk and drink / eat it with a spoon... YUM

2) I love my blender which was bought from Boardmans a few years ago and it has by far given me its best years of use... sadly it is sounding rather sick, I think the motor is dying. I would LOVE another... I mean what will i do without being able to make my banana ice cream and smoothies?

3) Mornings in our house consist of me waking up and making/packing lunches after which I dream of my first cup of coffee I am going to make myself :) I always grind my coffee beans fresh and I LOVE a good cuppa... I'm thinking I would really enjoy learning how to be a Barista with a course at Origin coffee...one of my favourite coffees to drink. maybe I will.... Just need to work on my study brain ;)

4) With Christmas under 5 weeks away I am dreaming of making everyone the PERFECT Christmas present.... but I am a bit worried that time is running away and I won't get finished in time *fingers crossed*

5) Have I mentioned I LOVE Cherries? because I so do! I am so so so happy because they are now in season and I hope to fill my cherry addiction my the mouthful actually by the bucketful in every form and shape ... for as long as my wallet allows! NEED MORE CHERRIES!

6) a new camera lens... mine is BROKEN *sad face*

*ps all the pics are my own except the Nomu hot chocolate and the black and white barista pic. Each taken from the companies mentioned websites.


  1. B, I have been wanting to go to a barista course since we bought our Nespresso machine. I've already contacted Origin asking for information. Thanks.

    Oh, and I'm absolutely craving NoMU hot chocolate too, now.

  2. Let me know if you end up doing the Barista course... and which one you choose :)


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