Thursday, February 23, 2012

Romantic Autumn Dinner and Consol Solar Jars

Consol sent me a few of their new solar jars, and I am so happy that they did.
After playing with them for a bit I realized the endless possibilities they could have at a wedding or party or function. Just think you could fill them with beads/ flowers / colourful tissue paper / sequins / glitter / coloured water (maybe half fill) etc....

But I decided with autumn approaching, the weather is mild with a slight nip in the air. I thought it would be nice to have a romantic evening dinner outside. Beautifully set out with warm autumn soup and pretty flowers accompanying the consol jars. They gave off beautiful light and I didn't have to worry about anything blowing out or catching alight .. I would have had to worry if I had used candles. Try a nice thick vegetable soup with a drop cream. You can find a recipe for
  • Potato and fennel soup here
  • Beautiful Tomatoes soup here 
  • Warm Butternut soup here.

What do you think? A warm soup and some pretty flowers and gold pears.. pretty romantic to me.

If you are not sure what a Solar Jar is Consols website says "Solar powered LED lights are powered by sunlight which is harnessed through solar panelling fitted on the lid." So the sun charges the batteries via a solar panel in the lid/ on top of the jar and once charged you have LED lights that can be turned on for light. Pretty cool, hey.

  • Photography - mine
  • Props and Styling -mine

Disclaimer: These jars were sent to me by consol and I did not pay for them in anyway. Although I received them for free these opinions are my own.


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