Friday, March 30, 2012

Awesome Tea anyone?

Sometimes I want to come up with the most awesome recipe ever made ... but then I sit and stare at a blank computer screen for hours wandering what hasn't been done before... still wandering. .. *long silence* ... Then I realize my head may not be able to actually come up with the weird concoctions of peanut butter and olives or something random that could be the next craze! I mean really fashion seems to repeat it self with a twist and I feel like food maybe doing the same thing.
So while I am NOT the new and crazy trend setter I hoped I would be - I am still me :) and I do like to write silly posts and photograph food. - yes a random fact I'm sure you noticed.

So while this is a recipe-less post (sorry)
I just wanted to say .. I have been thinking of you *hi* and my lack of awesomeness and that I will work harder to write down and then bake some random food cookies and photograph them... then hopefully you'll drool over the picture and decide to bake them :) 

Have a happy weekend

ps I did make this really yummy milk tart but didn't write down the ingredients amounts so I will have to make it again so I can give you the recipe - OK?

pps Do you ever feel like you want to do things differently? blogging? life? or?


  1. I feel this way at least once a month. :) Enjoy your weekend.



    1. hahaha - glad to know Im not the only one :)

  2. Replies
    1. we should start a club... THE BIG THINKERS ;)



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