Thursday, April 5, 2012


We all want to have a stress-free Easter weekend with whomever we spend it. And with family (or friends) popping in its nice to make an easy breakfast for everyone. You could even start making it while the kids are searching for Easter eggs! It only takes a quick checking on stove and oven to keep an eye on  breakfast - its that easy. Start by putting the little tomatoes in the oven and once they are looking almost done then mix all the ingredients for the eggs together and place in the pan and only stir every now and then... and you're done.

Make sure to brew some really good coffee to finish this laid back breakfast off. It will feel luxurious while you put your feet up and relax - not having to slave over the stove. (be sure to put a kiddy wink on toast making duty).

5 - 7 Rosa or Cherry Tomatoes per person
Fresh basil (a few leaves)
2 eggs per person
1/3 Cup of Milk per person
a splash of cream for extra decadence (optional extra)
Salt (pinch)
Olive Oil

Start with putting the little tomatoes a size appropriate oven dish and drizzle with olive oil, salt and scatter some fresh basil over. Place in the oven at 170 degrees celcius and leave to cook away - keep an eye on it every 7 minutes or so.
When the tomatoes are almost ready crack all the eggs and milk (add cream for decadence) and some salt into a jug or bowl and whisk with a fork to mix through. You should have yellow milk.
Heat a frying pan, add some olive oil and pour in the whole mixture.
Place on a low to medium heat and resist the urge to stir.
Wait a while but do make sure its not burning and then with a flat edged wooden spoon or egg lifter stir/ push the egg across the bottom of the pan to move- allowing the runnier egg to move into the gaps and the cooked egg to be moved to the sides.
Once most of the egg is cooked take off the heat - don't over cook/ dry out the egg (the egg will carry on cooking as it sits)
Dish up with the cooked tomatoes and serve.

ps the gold in egg the photo is spray painted and I would never condone eating anything that has come into contact with paint - it was just for picture fun!


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    1. thank you Lindsay :) I really appreciate that - and thanks for the visit :)


  2. My daughter does not allow anyone in this house to make scrambled eggs, she says she has perfected it.

    I love your styling!

    1. aww that is so sweet that your daughter loves to cook the scrambled eggs :)
      thanks about the styling - that means so much to me :)

      Betty Bake


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