Friday, August 31, 2012


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Right now I'm

  • Looking at tooooo many travel agent websites and wishing I was on holiday (not very productive for getting work done)
  • Im wishing my cup of coffee wouldn't end... Sometimes it just tastes so good
  • I want to bake but I have LOTS of work to do - darn, *sigh*
  • I'm still loving pinterest far to much! and Instagram too!
  • hoping the weekend will be filled with relaxing cups of coffee on the couch and maybe a movie or 2 and possibly a walk on the beach
  • Trying to edit photos (but as I said I keep getting distracted!)
  • Wandering how it can be the last day of August and the first day of Spring tomorrow?

What are you doing right now?
Do you have plans for the weekend?

Monday, August 27, 2012


WIN 1 double ticket to the #PinotageOnTap festival

WHEN: 13TH October 2012
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This is SOUTH AFRICA give away ONLY - and tickets are valid for Cape Town only
Competition closes 6pm 28th August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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The Best Baked Apples recipe on

I know saying the BEST of anything is a tall claim. You see I'm not a baked fruit kind of person. I am more of a cold desserts kind of girl - you know anything containing chocolate, cold and custardy, or mousse, or creme brulee or anything creamy.
The husband is the reason I make anything baked for pudding - like this baked plums or baked cookie dough apple pie.
But this time its all me!  
I keep making these and actually loving them... usually baked fruit is eaten by me slowly and its ok! but not anymore - this dish keeps being made over and over and I just can't stop!
I think I may take some left over baked apples and try to make a baked apple ice cream!!! (but thats if there is any over!)

baked apples, best baked apples with a drizzle of cream, betty bake, SA

4-6 organic apples (or as many as you need - 1 per person)
1 large orange (organic so you can use the skin)
ground cinnamon
2 - 4 Tablespoons Jaggery or brown sugar
a handful of Raisins

Wash you apples and make sure they can all fit in a baking dish that has a fitting lid.
Core the apples (take out the centers while leaving the rest of the apple whole)
Make a small slit/ incision all the way around the middle of the skin - just piercing the skin (imagine the apple is hoola hooping)
Place all the apples in the dish you are using and stuff raisins down the necks/ center of the apples until 3 quarters fill.
Wash your orange and grate orange rind on the small side of your grater over the apples - let a little go down neck/ center of each apple.
Sprinkle the Jaggery or brown sugar down the necks/center of each apple.
Cut your orange in half and squeeze the juice over all the apples.
Sprinkle cinnamon over each apple
Place the lid on the dish and bake in a moderate oven 180 degrees celcius until soft and juicy
Roughly +/- 30 - 40 min
Enjoy with a drizzle of cream or served with vanilla ice cream

baked apples, best baked apples with a drizzle of cream, betty bake, SA

Monday, August 6, 2012

Small Changes make for Healthy Eating

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Sometimes healthy eating is just a change in how you look at food...

In the past when I ate takeaways and tubs of ice cream and I needed to be more healthy and "diet" I would think "öh great now I have to cut out all this yummy stuff I love!" 
I would begrudge myself and the food I ate. Instead of looking for delicious alternatives I would pout and sulk and be miserable. Years later and many mind shifts later - I see food in a totally different way. I still love a good pizza! but how I want to treat myself and my body has changed in my thinking.

Its a slight change over weeks and months and even years:
After slowly changing bit by bit - by doing the little things like cutting down on sugar and swopping fizzy cool drinks like Coke! (which is now a swear word in our house) to fruit juice and water.

Simply buy sparkling spring water and 100% real fruit juice with no additives and mix them together.
So when I felt like a coke I would reach for my "new" sparkling friend - juice and sparkling water and feel like i wasn't depriving myself.

You see its the little things!
I no longer see food as a happiness pile of stuff to eat what I want. I see food as a source of health and yumminess! I want to treat my body right. Once you cut out bad items like coke and soft drinks filled with sugar  and stop eating sweets and candy bars and you feel great - after the initial  detox (headaches and flu symptoms)
I was so ALIVE and happy and well that when I went back to eating a piece of candy it made me feel yuk! It wasn't that that sugar wasn't nice in my mouth but the after effects just weren't worth it.

After cutting out MSG and other additives and preservatives out of our diet for some time (months and months) we went to a braai and the food was taking long. The husband and I were getting hungry and there were bowls of flavoured crisps around so we started snacking. After eating several handfuls the food was finally ready and we ate. Now I didn't have any alcohol of any kind but the next morning I woke up with hangover type symptoms - sore head and felt terrible. Just yukky and wanted to sleep! I realised after a while of waking up and trying to figure out what I ate and drank why I would feel this way and the only thing different were the MSG laden crisps (which we don't eat! only plain salted allowed in our house)!! and that when it hit me - my disgusting hang over symptoms were from them - now I will never go back to eating crisps because I could feel what they were doing to my body!

I find that changing things bit by bit over long periods of time that I am able to change my habits. If I try change everything at once I feel like I am punishing myself and then I would go back to my bad ways but if I picked one or two things then it was a small change and I would keep doing it. Then after a long time of doing that one little thing it would have become part of my lifestyle (like no more soft drinks) I don't even go to that aisle in the supermarket any more. Actually I rarely shop at a supermarket - but thats another story for another day. I don't even consider it in my head. If someone asks me to bring drinks to a braai (BBQ) I simply buy sparkling water and organic fruit juice. Simple as pie. Really its not even a battle for me any more.

So focus on something small like:

  • Stopping sugar in your tea and coffee
  • Swopping soda for fruit juice and water
  • Buying hormone free meat and eggs
  • Not eating candy - buy nuts and dark chocolate (70% cocoa and higher)

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"Eat cake if you bake it yourself and can limit the sugar and additives"
See if you can change that one little thing for 2 months and then consider swopping another thing and another thing. Eventually in a year or twos time you will be a healthy, whole food, happy person who doesn't even crave the bad stuff and is happier for it!
Just try it
We still eat really dark chocolate and nuts and i bake cake-but I use gluten -free flour and only a tiny bit of sugar. See what I did swopped out  unhealthy for healthy) 

What changes have you made in your lifestyle to be healthier?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things that make me Smile

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Life is a happy place when I reflect on the good and happy places in my life. It makes the craziness more bare-able:   

  • watching funny you tube videos will make time fly and then you'll realise you were meant to be working!!! ;)  
  • Coffee and chocolate make me happy each morning - its the little things
  • being creative seems to fuel me ... drawing, editing, creating stuff... :) 
  • Just sitting in the sun with my cat 
  • Happy songs played REALLY loud (its the loud part that important)
  • Beautiful sunrises and still evenings with dramatic winter sunsets
  • A well baked chocolate chip cookie
  • Getting a note  from my kid saying "you are the best cooker" (cook)
  • Reading a good tweet and laughing
  • Getting through a bunch of things on my to-do list done!
 What is making you happy and smiling at the moment?